Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Welcome to 2011 (and the Ukrainian Question)

Well, here we are and quite frankly, I've not much more to add.

Consider this a marker post for the new year, a post to ease the guilt over lack of bloggage because life is wonderfully busy at the moment. A holding page with pretty things to look at...

Actually, I've been dying for this day to come round, the day when the UK comes back to life after the winter turkey malaise and I can re-commence with full speed, fury and power on Our Style is Legendary; because as nice as it was buying costume on eBay (and what beautiful late 80s/early 90s costume we have ladies and gentlemen), there is much harder work to be done here.

Thankfully, the year has barely started and I already have my first casting as well as my first job on the horizon, hopefully making a trip to the Ukraine to do some filming (I find it impossible to say or type Ukraine without putting 'the' in front of it, any ideas why?) which would be grand and a nice welcome to the year. And of course, a new term teaching at the Actor's Centre commences this weekend, with old faces and new making for an exciting body of work for the next three months.

But in reality, until the 2nd April 2011, there is only one focus, one Everest, one star in my sky: Our Style is Legendary and that play being seen and loved by as many people as possible.

So here's to that.


  1. I know what you mean about "the" Ukraine! I have the same issue with "the" Lebanon and I can't remember which other country. Who decided that they need "the"? Why don't you hear "I'm from the Portugal or the Ireland?" lol

  2. It struck me as most odd but I can't stop doing it.

  3. I suppose otherwise it would need to be Ukrainia or something (which sounds a bit wet).

    Looking forward to legendary and stylish happenings in 2011. Glad to hear you are already finding the necessary clobber.


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