Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Checking my blog stats today, as I am sometimes want to do, I noted a rich line of web traffic being emitted from Digital Spy.

"That's odd" I said to myself.

"Perhaps some publicity for my play Our Style is Legendary has attracted celebrity-watching attention, with it having two notable TV stars in."

So I clicked on the link and it turns out someone called Thumbs83 (he or she must have a lot of thumbs) has taken a shine to my comedy creation Kirky, that is gracing the BBC at the mo and wanted to know who I was. Some kind soul then web stalked me and brought the facts home. Hence the stream of clicks to Blurred Clarity from this forum page.

So welcome Thumbs83, other new visitors and curious souls, I am Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting and showing an interest.

Here is my gift to you...


  1. Typical law of the Internet, not long after writing this blog post, the negative comments started to come in.


  2. Digitalspy made me do it! I made my way here and realised you use eblogger too. I'm at - a special blog thing which will not be admitted to under pain of alcohol etc.

  3. Oh, man. That video ... takes me back. Can't wait to see the show. xxx

  4. Bayards:

    Your blog is a curious place indeed, a unique venture by yourself.


    Be great to see you there, let me know when you're coming please.


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