Thursday, 5 May 2005

I Hurt

Had a profound experience yesterday whilst running an after school drama class for the young men at Cardinal Hinsley Boys High School in Willesden. I had to break up a fight and when the dust had settled and both lads involved were seperated, the anger and pain in one of them as he rested in his chair was one of the most moving things I'd seen for some time. Barely able to speak he clenched his fists and through tears whispered "I hurt...I hurt...I swear..."

The teacher took him outside for some air and the session carried on as normal, such is the brutality of youth. The other boy remained in the room, crowing at his 'victory' and talking up how he has been waiting to have a fight. Such pomp and arrogance is as impressive as it is foolish. When the other lad returned to the class room I made him laugh (he did walk in on everyone else making cow noises so it wasn't hard) and made sure he was OK and the rest of the class passed without incident.

Walking away from the school I recalled the line "We're all from crime, violence and stress" and thought of my own time at school, the area I hung around in and the ease with which you can, as a young man in Britain, disappear into the underbelly and never return. My thoughts turned to my dead friends, consumed by drugs, violence, prison and drink and I paid my respects to my brothers and got on a train to get drunk in Soho.

It seems that every sod has got a blog, including Darth Vader and I urge you go and read it and have a laugh at the Sith Lords expense.

Today is also election time in the UK and this post at Blood & Treasure just about sums up my feelings, I've already banged on about this enough so you can read someone else banging on instead.

May I leave you (indeed you may never come to speak) with the excellent Babe Engine which is a marvellous website for all your internet p0rn needs...that is if you like girls being drenched in man fat whilst wearing stockings. You just enter your requirements, let's say: hardcore video clip of a blonde with pigtails and small tits having a threesome in a hat and thong in a classroom with domination and swollen red baboon ass.



  1. Darth is already dead, so that guy on that blog is an imposter.

    Please let us know about your drunken experience in Soho.

    Everyone enjoys a little porn every now and then, even if they won't admit it. Yes, women too. However, your search requirements are sick, just plain sick.

  2. Wow, talk about the ends of the spectrum. Your blog begins with the trials and tribulations of a schoolboy and ends with how to search for great online porn. And there is nothing innappropriate about it.


  3. Ha ha - think I will take a raincheck on the pornathon!
    The physical manifestation of all that anger, however, sounds fascinating. Translating that into something else is where we all come unstuck...

  4. Darth Vader, porn, death and drama. Jesus Christ, you live.

  5. I predict a great future for the kid who was able to say he hurt and a bleak one for the braggart.


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