Saturday, 7 May 2005

Your Sister Who is Also Your Mum

Yesterday bought another performance of Thick As Thieves, this time in Lincolnshire which is famous for being the home to a legion of inbred people, you know, three fingers, webbed feet and eyes too close together. In spite of the inbreeding the show went down very well, lots of laughing, in fact sometimes laughing at bits people never usually laugh at and general hysterical behaviour. Cool.

Having said that I still don't like Lincolnshire very much, not very racially integrated and full of deformed people who have sex with their own relatives.

I'm feeling pretty chirpy today as I reckon one of the agents who was interested in signing me up is actually very bloody keen indeed. I may need to contact Barnaby for a bit of advice about the matter but getting an agent was one of my main aims to re-launch my acting career, one step at a time.

Off for lunch with Kirky now, then out with my good lady Marie this evening.

Mind how you go!


  1. Advice taken.

    I'll never have sex with a relative, which is a cinch because I come from ugly, ugly people.

    I'll mind how I go.

    Okay, I don't come from ugly, ugly people, we all look like gods. But we're not much for pillow talk, and without pillow talk sex just isn't "there."


    Okay, we don't all look like gods. But we're not ugly, ugly. Maybe "just ugly." Or plain old ugly.

    No, actually we look like gods, but let me assure you, there's no incest that I'm aware of. Although that would explain the tails...

  2. We call our inbred people "Washago-ites" or, "Our neighbours to the South"


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