Wednesday, 8 June 2005

"I Just Hate the Word Racist...I Prefer Opinionated"

I won't pin that on Melanie, that was a Texan called Mercy, who will need all the mercy she can get when she gets to God's kingdom.

I hate the word racist...I much prefer the words 'I'm right' or
I hate the word anti-Semitic...I much prefer educated in the evil ways of the Jews.

I've got to laugh and make bad jokes about it otherwise I'd cry. Melanie has decided that the best way to promote discussion on the issue of racism is to delete my comments and have a nice chat with her pals who all agree with her. It seems a blow has been struck for freedom of discourse and it kinda reminds me of the Bush regime. Don't like what someone's saying? Pretend it never happened. Brilliant!

Today's shows went well, a lot of people came forward with praise and that's what it's all about as long as the audience leave happy...or in our case weepy. Although, same pattern as yesterday with the final show being the best in terms of emotional connection. My top lip is sore from blowing my nose a lot due to tears.

Went to see another show tonight that's on at the festival called 'En Route' by a company called Knavish Speech. It was great fun, full of play, humour and wonderful moments. Perhaps the best part being when one of the actors whispered into an audience members ear who then had to speak the words out loud...Trust me, you had to be there...

I'll leave you with the word complicity and the thought that if you watch someone do a terrible thing do you stand there and watch and pretend nothing has happened or do you raise your hand and say enough is enough?


  1. I knew it, a frenchie living in england. Your Bush hating only proves what a clueless jagoff you are. Do you ppl really not understand anything. If it weren't for this country, u would all be sucking on hitlers balls, I personally think we should have stayed out of the wars in europe because you have all been ungratefull asses since.

    Thanks, there is my two cents! I am of european descent and after reading you I am ashamed of it. Thanks for making us all look stupid.

  2. "If it weren't for this country, u would all be sucking on hitlers balls" - and if the U.S. had got involved in 1939, anywhere between 11 and 26 million people would not have died in concentration camps. you dumb fucking twat.

  3. Cheeks, don't even waste your breath on this fool. I can't take him seriously, I mean this is what he said on his blog in a comment: I knew it a fucking JEW...You are not GOD and your religion makes you even further down the chain...Yes, my anti-semitism is blatant, read further in my blog about how yours and some other religions on the top of my HATE list...Speaka english here not DRUISH. Full comment link here:

  4. Can I also add I found this from Melanie: Hey anonymous, only a coward troll hides behind "anonymous". I hate cocksuckers like you who think they're better than everyone else and feel the need to go to public message boards, blogs, etc. to tell everyone ELSE how fucked up they are, when in reality, it is YOU WHO IS FUCKED UP! The rest of us are just trying to "make it" in this world with a little help from humor along the way. Apparently you've never heard of humor. If I wanted a sermon I'd go to church. So, as drafter's friend and someone who thinks his blog is kickass....FUCK OFF!!! YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!

    HA HA HA!

  5. BTW Drafter you big racist maniac, the French saved you from the UK who owned you so show them some respect. Following on from Cheeks, the US people didn't want to get involved in Europe's problems, ie: they were fine with Hitler and his magic ways until FDR let Pearl Harbour happen to convince his people that stopped fascism was a good idea.

    Don't tell me you didn't know that FDR let Pearl Harbour happen to twist the are of his people?

    HA HA HA!

  6. You just can't let it go can you?

    What about this little gem from you, posted on Balloon Pirate's blog:

    "BTW, just read your post on Melanie's site and what you said was spot on. I agree with you BP.

    I grew up in a black area, black friends, black culture so I don't have that blind spot in terms of fear...I suppose my weakness is Turkish people.

    But I wouldn't post my ignorance for the whole world to see and then stand there and defend it.


    Honestly, Daniel can you not see the irony here?

    What does that make you?

    p.s. anyone who hides behind "anonymous" to make a comment IS a coward troll.

  7. *cough* the comment in relation to where I grew up with in response to BP sharing his 'fear' of black young men, I then offered as an act of support that I may have a similar weak spot in passing false judgement with Turkish males (after I worked with them for some time in another job). I never attempted to defend my flaw or justify it, as you did but you're American, you have no understanding of irony.

    SO anyway, how do you feel about posting a words classed as vicious racism?

  8. Again...Can't we ALL just get along?!?

    Daniel, I may not agree with everything Bush does or says, but he is my current president and I must back him with as much patriotism as I can stand. I love my country and he does too. That's all that matters until we get another jackass in the whitehouse!

  9. Sorry Red.

    I'm not gonna talk Bush with you because it's best if we stay off the politics and I respect your words on the matter.

    As for all being friends, I don't dig bigots and I don't dig complicity.

  10. Daniel thanks for including me in this .. It's awfully flattering.

    Can I ask something? It's kind of buggin me, in general I don't know what to make of it. You said:

    I grew up in a black area, black friends, black culture so I don't have that blind spot in terms of fear

    So what is it called when I grew up under the same circumstances and feel the same way as you?

  11. 1. "I may not agree with everything Bush does or says, but he is my current president and I must back him with as much patriotism as I can stand"

    2. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

  12. Oh, my...

    This has gotten awfully bruising. For what it's worth, this will be my absolute last comment on the Daniel/Melanie racist stuff, on this or any other blog.

    Daniel, we agree on many, many things. You know where I stand personally on racism. But what you're doing is not helping the situation. You've found a deep bruise, and you keep poking it in the hope of healing it.

    Racism and slavery is a very touchy subject for every American. Usually I speak for no one but myself, but enough of a societal consciousness exists that I can tell you there is a uniquely American perspective to this subject. We have all grown up with the fallout of the past 300 years of race relations in this country. It's a societal issue in that it's very American; yet racism, as you have found out, is different for everyone. You will never know how it feels, Daniel; not if you spent your entire life studying Americans. It is as unknowable to you as the sensation of flight would be to an ornithologist.

    You speak of complicity in this situation, that you cannot stand and watch someone do a terrible thing. An interesting argument, but with all respect, it doesn't apply. We're not in a life-threatening situation. This is just words on the internet. This is all inside our computers, and inside our heads. You cannot 'rescue' an opinion.

    And, as the husband of an addict, I can speak first hand of the nightmare of 'helping' that actually does harm.

    Daniel, you are thoughtful, well-intentioned, caring, and an all-around good guy. Stop trying to get the last word in, my friend. Let this rest.


  13. Yes, please let it go. Two people so adamant in their beliefs are not going to change the other's opinion over comments like this. It's at the point where it's just words and insults and who can get the final "so there!"

    Please go back to your old works. I miss that. I'd even take a week of p0rn over this sh@t.

  14. What's funny is, you can't even tell when the person you call a racist is a minority member or not.

    who will need all the mercy she can get when she gets to God's kingdom??!?

    Didn't you figure out that there is no god yet?

    By the way, have you looked into the definition of the word prejudice? Is that why you use “racist” instead of “prejudice?” Because, guess what, you're EXTREEMLY prejudice.

    I try to choose my words as well. Which is why I said you were crazy, not stupid.

  15. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of!

    Some points: it doesn't matter whether they are 'minority' or not.

    The thing about God's kingdom was a joke but if you came here often you'd know that.

    As I've said before, I've spent years working with dis-advantaged communities and challenging discriminatory behaviour so I doubt I'd have got the job if I was prejudiced. Although I do hate Adam Ant...

    Take care sweetheart!


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