Saturday, 18 June 2005

In Your Honour

I'm burnt out, tired as hell, Human Shrapnel takes the life out of me and yes, I know it's only acting but it's hard work: trust me.

Barnaby came tonight and we had a chat after the show, which was both brilliant and weird, when someone who has just been a blog buddy suddenly exists as a three-dimensional human who happens to be bloody cool. Ace. And I reckon he liked it which always helps; even though he had to put up with a talkative old deaf lady who sat at the back.

Old people shouldn't be allowed in the theatre.

So tomorrow is the final show of Human Shrapnel, the adventure comes to an end, for now. Nostalgia is already running thick through my veins, Marie will be watching, so it will no doubt all end emotionally and I'll miss playing out that veteran's life. Think of me at 16.30GMT and spare a thought for ex-servicemen across the world.

Posting will no doubt be light over the weekend with Marie being here, why the fuck would I want to look at a computer screen when I've got my baby to play with? On Sunday we're off for a posh meal at Foliage in Knightsbridge to celebrate our love and our future together.

See you on the other side.


  1. I think it's a good thing you're doing such a limited run of this play. I dont see how you could do this for any extended period of time without having a complete meltdown.


  2. Love is a fantastic thing..Enjoy you weekend!

  3. Nice to know you have been deported, please let the world know when you leave the U/K with your invading hordes of pommie zombies

  4. In Your Honour, eh? Are you as disappointed by this new Foo Fighters as I am?

  5. Dan, utterly gutted by how soft rock it is. I did nick a few tracks but the acoustic album is pants.

  6. Dan

    The more I think of 'Human Shrapnel' the more I am moved by it. It touched all my emotions man. It was funny, sad, reflective and thought provoking... What a great piece of writing and performing... want to know what you are writing next?

    Had to tell you and meant to of mentioned it yesterday at the pub.

    Great blog by the way....


  7. reply to your comment re Oz sport etc is now available.
    At vest Daily Gaggle.
    Stayed up last night again, 391-4 good Englsh score.


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