Sunday, 5 June 2005

I've Got Meme Cancer

The fucking buck stops here people! And by buck I mean meme. I'm going in for meme chemotherapy as of the end of this post and if any wrong head dares pass on their cancer to me again I will sue their ass off and stick vinegar soaked blunt spoons into the ass cavity.


*cough* *wipe spit from mouth* *adjust trousers*

First off is Goody's book meme...

Total number of books owned:
Last book bought:
"The Spirit of Terrorism" by Jean Baudrillard
Last book read:
"Baudrillard. An Introduction"
Five books that mean a lot to you:
None of them. They are disposable and absorbed into my cranium.
Tag five people to continue this meme: NO! FUCK YOU! THE CANCER STOPS HERE!

*ahem* *regains inner focus and sense of purpose* *deep breath*

And here is Jodi's Trio Meme dispatched like a tramp's face into the sidewalk...

Three screen-names I have had are:
Three things I like about myself are:
My mind
My fists
My massive cock
Three things I do not like about myself are:
I am too tolerant of other people
I am selfish
I have my internal violence under control
Three things that scare me are:
Gay sex
Losing Marie
Moon faced children
Three of my everyday essentials are:
The internet
Three things I am wearing right now are:
Evisu jeans
Levi's T-Shirt
Calvin Klein pants
Three of my favorite songs are:
Spank Thru by Nirvana
Oh Marie by Louis Prima
Blackbird by The Beatles
Three new things I'd like to try in the next 12 months are:
Being on TV for longer than 15 minutes
Less time on internet
Being really famous
Three things I want in a relationship are:
Two truths and a lie are:
I've killed someone
My best friend's dead
I kill children for a living
Three things I cannot do without are:
The internet
Three places I'd like to go on vacation are:
West Indies
Three kids' names are:
Ethan, Mimi, Angel
Three things I want to do before I die are:
Kill someone else
Have kids
marry Marie
Three celebrity crushes I have had are:
Three people I nominate to complete this exercise are:
See above for response to that dumbass question.

MAN, ALL THAT MEME SHIT HAS GOT ME PUMPED! This is better than when I used to inject steroids to make it easier for me to attack people.

On a non-meme tip I spent a lovely weekend with Marie but now I'm back alone again in my room and I miss her so much. I love you Marie.


  1. Thanks for your advice. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to just live with it. Thanks again, I appreciate your guidance.

  2. I was being a bit cold on the matter but I just think there's no need to upset yourself any further is there?

  3. Cool.

    If you pick up your reserve ticket you can probably take out a couple of Turks, and say they looked like evil Iraqis.

    Of course, the way things are going, Turkey's going to be the only nation willing to sign the EU Constitution, which will isolate it from Europe.

    Feckin' politics. Think Red will comment? :)

  4. So what you are saying really don't enjoy playing the meme game. Got it! :)

    Glad you had a great weekend with Marie and sorry you are returned to the lonliness.

  5. Hehe Red.

    And okay, I promise I won't "meme" you anymore if you promise not to use the C word in any more blogs.

    You know the one.

  6. I'm blown out ofthe water Daniel--"meme". I was never too fast;-)

    Incidentally, I was rooting for Marie at the end of this post.

    She IS a lucky woman!;-)


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