Monday, 20 June 2005

Middle Class Burlesque


Barnaby reviewed Human Shrapnel on his blog and the review is here. YAY! That's cheered me up no end as I stare into the post-drama school future (I finish on the 24th June) and the gaping void that is my (re-launched) acting career.

It's a shame that much of the work at our final festival was so utterly middle class and rooted in a self-indulgency that was vacuous and tepid. Where's the tendons vibrating like agitated pencils? Where's the hearts being worn on sleeves? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a class bigot and there isn't anything fundamentally wrong in being middle class...I mean I'm middle class...but I would have hoped that the work we made would have reached out to different areas and there still seems to be a fashion for work that is not from the heart and stricken with fantasy and lazy imagery.

Having said that I'm a sucker for poetry in my dialogue, so I'm as bourgeois as the rest of them.

Speaking of being bourgeois the meal at Foliage was fucking ace and it cost Marie (whose treat it was) £168 ($319) and that was without drinks! I'll post the menu later people, the food was awesome, utterly beautiful...just like Marie.

You can all vomit now.


  1. There is only something wrong with being middle class if you don't help people who are not.

  2. P0rn vomiting Red!

    PC, I could argue with you all day about that one, there is something wrong and aspiring to be middle class is part of the damn problem.

  3. $319.00! That food had better have been good! I'm glad you had a lovely time with Marie.


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