Monday, 13 June 2005

You Better Kill Me Today

The previous post has kicked off some excellent political debate, reminds me I'm not alone in my quest to challenge conservative ideology, at home and in the US. I've not got time to respond to the debate, yet, I've been rehearsing Human Shrapnel (which opens tomorrow at 7.15pm by the way so wish me luck) since 8am and it's now 11.16pm and I need to shower and go to sleep but I'll say this...

I've discovered some more like minds through this post and trust me I'll be linking to you as soon as I've time to fiddle with my blog. We have to stand up, stand tall, we have to fight for our respective nations before they are sucked into a greedy, desperate, by any means necessary world of corruption, big business and war for money.

This is not the world for our children, it is not a world built on kindness, love, support and generosity. It's a world built on back stabbing and grubby battles to be top dog. It has no time for weakness and cares not a jot for equal rights as a given rather than a treat that has to be earnt. It believes in the survival of the fittest and that was fine when we were primordial creatures emerging from the swamp (or if you're a neo-con we came from Adam and all the ladies from his rib) but we've moved on, we have to aim high and become all that we can be.

So take my hand and let's march on the repressive Conservative world and take it down with the force of our ideas and the honesty and decency of our beliefs.



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