Saturday, 23 July 2005

Dead Muslim: Update!

As I'm sure you're all aware, yesterday at approximately 10am a man was shot dead on at Stockwell tube station.

Now in the UK police shooting people is a very rare occurrence but in the media induced froth it was desperately pitched as a potential bomber/a bomber from 7/7 and/or someone in someway involved with the bombings. This rang alarm bells immediately and when the police refused to release any info and eye witnesses described scenes of petrified terror I felt that something had gone horribly wrong.

It had, the man was in no way involved with terror but had 5 rounds blasted into him for good measure. You know what they say about a dead Muslim...

It turns out though (thanks to Big Daddy Merk for the alert) that he wasn't a Muslim but a Brazilian Catholic called Jean Charles de Menezes, an electrician who had been living in London for three years. Why he ended up having 5 bullets shot into him I'll never understand and yes, he spoke English and no, he wasn't a terrorist but I suppose Brazilians do look a bit like Arabs.

I know this was going to happen, indeed I predicted it when on the second spate of attacks I was horrified to see that a man who looked a bit Muslim had made the mistake of going near 10 Downing Street. He was nearly shot but luckily he opened up his shirt and showed he had no weapons.

I strongly advise anyone who looks vaguely like a terrorist to get the hell out of the UK until we go back to victimising black men and all this nonsense has died down.

The latest attacks make as little sense as the first and I still believe that al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it and that it was a false flag operation and that we live in times where little can be trusted and everything challenged.

On a lighter note, below is a mugshot of an Ohio man who was caught by the police sniffing gold spray paint; can you see how they knew he was guilty?


  1. It's the Munchausen effect times a thousand: create a crisis in order to solve a crisis. Nice to see that your government has as cavalier an attitude toward the lives of its citizens as ours does.

    Re: the photo: "Bozo the Clown's day was not off to a good start..."


  2. 27 year old Jean Charles de Menezes, Brazilian, Catholic.

    Even the catho's aren't safe now.

  3. just heard from my boss that Jean Charles was lying on the ground. Shot 5 times!


    "Give the police "shoot-to-kill" orders and they go crazy".

    His words, but I couldn't agree more...

  4. Armed police units in GB have an excellent record of not shooting people. Apart from one or two mistakes where people had 'fake' weapons typically people are only shot if they are 'a real and imediate threat'. Not a term I would use to describe someone lying face down with an undercover policeman sitting on him. Now it turns out that this was not a normal ARU but a special police unit trained by the special forces. My guess is that its not police at all, but (despite all assurancies) tooled up squaddies. So, overnight four young Britons have suceeded in turning us from a justice seeking democracy to a military state and this is 'not letting the terrorists win'. hmm.

  5. I still say my cock would be mistaken for 20 sticks of dynamite and 40 pounds of C4 packed around my waist.

    I'm hanging out in Quebec until this histronia dies down.

  6. "My guess is that its not police at all, but (despite all assurances) tooled up squaddies."

    I'm with you on this Rich, this was security services without a doubt.

    According to un-named 'expert' on radio last night standard police procedure doesn't include 7 shots to the head and one to the shoulder. Special forces says it should be 3 or more.

    The Met taking the rap is just lip service.

  7. that's what happens when we legitimise killing squads under the moniker of SWAT or "security services".


  8. I was concerned when the armed police began to look like a permanent fixture on the streets of London.
    This is the second shooting like this...there was the scot, guilty of making a wooden table leg, and walking home with it...he got shot dead because he was apparently wielding a table leg...some idiot in a pub had phoned in and said there was an Irish guy with a gun.
    Table leg...gun...?
    I don`t want routinely armed cops on the streets..this is what comes of it.


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