Sunday, 17 July 2005

The Muslims Did It

Gratefully isolated in France following the bombings in London, I spent a great deal of time musing on what I would come home to. I don't mean more attacks or the altered atmosphere of the city but where the blame had been laid.

I wish I'd put a bet on it being a Muslims fault.

Grainy CCTV pictures of people with dark skin, fabricated stories on what goes on in Mosques, disgusting kiss and tell from people looking to make a quick buck on the back of death about how those involved seemed so normal, that they actually loved their families and that they, shock horror, even had an education.

Tenuous links are being drawn to the Arab world, al-Qaeda and anyone with dark skin and a belief in Islam. The vultures circle, the bad guy has been found, Evil has a physical form after a period of apparition and the long dead form of Osama Bin-Laden hovering over us and the verdict is delivered in media friendly bites of info-fact.

What rubbish. There would be no 'terrorism' if there was no media, the media perpetuates terror by its craving for it and the news opportunities it presents. The media is part of the event, part of the terror, part of creating the illusion.

Remember this, people will win awards for their coverage of the London bombings. This is the world we have built, this is the oxygen that fills the lungs of terror and the demonisation of Muslims will lead to a de-humanisation of Muslims and we know where that leads: Srebrenica.


  1. Rosy thoughts for a Sunday morning. It's hard to get past the horror of your "betting on terror" link and the photo of Srebrenica.

    Media expands the audience and rockets the theatricality upwards, but you really think it creates terrorism? Ack, so much for free speech.

  2. I know. I pick my times well for beating my drum.

    Excellent idea that it 'rockets the theatricality upwards', I couldn't agree more.

    As for creating terrorism, acts of terror would not 'exist' so to speak without massive media coverage that in turn builds them up beyond the very act.

    An example being the far worse acts of violence in Iraq that happen every day yet they do not resonate as deeply with us because the coverage is limited.

    Or Rwanda where no media could access and glorify the acts of depravity so it hardly featured on our radar.

    Acts of terror exist to draw attention, starve the attention and see what happens.

  3. Therefore, no media in Rawanda =s no terrorist acts in Rawanda? Brilliant. I am amazed at the intellectual acrobatics you perform to puff up your house of cards.

  4. Odd, but I seem to agree with everyone. Yes, you need accurate reporting, there must be no more genocide on the quiet. But no, the sensationalism and muck raking pretty much promotes and glorifies the terrorists. The solution? well, responsible journalism would help but its us that buys the papers.

  5. Kathleen: I think some of this is going over your head as you keep having to debase it to a very basic level but I'll try and make myself clear.

    In actuality Rwanda and the crimes committed there existed but due to a lack of Western media coverage they barely existed on our radar so the acts perpetrated were allowed to happen. The US/UK did not invade to stop it, rather like Bosnia, where we stood by and watched the killing like the idiots we are.

    Now, the London bombings (where the people that died are a fraction of those killed everyday in Iraq) are puffed up beyond all belief to some epic status and this in turn makes the acts of terror worthwhile.

    If the media turned their back it would have an interesting effect don't you think?

    Old Man Rich: there will never be responsible journalism.

  6. Rather Lacking in positive thoughts there Dan. Responsible journalism will occur if thats what the consumers demand. I firmly believe that one day we will all wake up with a sense of perspective, social responsibility and global awareness ...

    queue background music: "and they say I'm a dreamer"

    ... and the world will be a better place. Any day now.

  7. I know. I wish for the same things you do Rich but humankind is on a poor run of form at the mo.

  8. Well-written, Dan, especially in the wake of Srebrenica.

    Old man rich, if I may, you say "no more genocide on the quiet"; I say " NO MORE GENOCIDE" Full stop!!

    Let's start acting and making the so-called international community ,like its eponymous moniker, ring true--by making the United Nations stronger.

    I think that's really our only hope--not to forget, of course, the other regional organisations with their own collective visions ofhow the world should be.

    I sometimes cannot believe that the UN--an organisation that has been in existence for 60yrs now-- for all its failings ALLOWED ITSELF to be run roughshod by one of its founding fathers--the US and the UK!!!

    It still is incredible that they BROKE international law, yet have the gall to make us believe it was right.

    What effing bastards.

  9. I have been disenchanted with E media for years. I am ashamed to admit that I NEVER even considered them part of the equation of Terrorism. So True! Where would terrorism be as a political weapon if not for the drama of the media.

  10. INDEED MALLORY! The media in all its forms and its response it perhaps more disgusting than the acts themselves.

    The response to 9/11 was equally as disgusting, replaying the moment of impact over and over over again until it became utterly un real and mythical.

    This is what the terrorist wants! Epic violence that the US and UK can nver hope to match.

  11. apologies ekbensah. I like to think (probably wrongly) that I live in a world wher genocide can only occur on the quiet, that we have the moral outrage and balls to intervene when we hear.

    Dan, I think we match the terrorists epic violence on a regular scale. Have you watched the video of the cruise misiles visiting the crowded bus station. The thing is our media chooses not to show our atrocities repeatedly. Apparently it doesn't sell.

  12. Of course it don't sell. Only Muslims sell...

  13. And, you should read Chomsky (if you haven't) about what the media exists for.

    His "Propaganda Model" is probably the best one.

  14. Read a lot of Chomsky but not everything.

    He's the man.

  15. old man rich, I'm not angry--don't worry.

    You're right in thinking about intervening. My bottom line is the only way is the UN way...

    Incidentally, Emmanuel will do nicely, thanks:-)


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