Sunday, 7 August 2005

I Must be a Somebody


I have at last been deemed an important enough blogger and I'm now on the receiving end of spam comments. Adverts on cheesecake, CRM, PSP game Reviews and the Stanford IQ Test. I hate these spamming dirtbags but for now I'm basking in the fame of being important enough to spam.

When this phase passes I will kill them all with such violence.

Other good news: England won the second test against Australia which has cheered me up no end. We go into the third test with the five match series balanced at 1-1. FANTASTIC! I love cricket.

And remember this people: vending machines are not massive metal witches.


  1. I hated that last 30 minutes. Me and Stavros just sat there in silence until that last wicket then we started jumping round the house screaming!


  2. Ah, have arrived. :) Someone should invent a program that allows website owners to track the origins of these spam comments and nuke the sender's PCs. I'm just saying...

  3. I agree. Spam is quite an annoyance. I don't understand cricket, but I'm glad your team is doing well!

  4. Daniel: The best baseball stadium in America is PNC Park in Pittsburgh. At least in my opinion. The team sucks, but the ambience is outstanding.

    When you're in America touring with Human Shrapnel, I'm going to take you there. You'll eat a Primanti Brothers' sandwich (they put the cole slaw and french fries inside the bread), have some Quaker Steak and Lube chicken wings, and drink Iron City Beer.

    OK--I won't force you to drink Iron City Beer. But you'll at least have to take a 'no thank you' sip.

    I'll explain to you the rules of baseball, including the double play, suicide squeeze, sacrifice flies, ground-rules doubles, and the ever popular infield fly rule.

    Now: When I come to London to speak on the comedy of politics, I will expect you to return the favor. What will we do?


  5. THis one time I got a piss-pile of spam [actually one comment with 92314768432834658972365 ads] on 1 entry and 1 entry alone, which was odd, because the spam came after a few more entries had been made. And you must realise that I must quote Monty Python at this point;

    "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam! Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam! Lovely Spam,
    wonderful Spam!"

  6. Ironically I found your blog when I went to insult that cheesecake spamming piece of shit. Good for you for putting her/him in their place.

  7. BP: what a lovely offer, thank you so much and I hope one day i can take you up on it. And whilst in London I shall welcome you to warm beer, bad food and the a game that lasts five days!

    Veggiebabe: Nice to have you here, do pop back!

  8. Daniel. You make it sound so inviting.


  9. Daniel, my immediate boss who lived in London for over ten years, was ecstatic last week as he presented a visual demonstration to us in the unit at work of the following:
    1. the difference between test match cricket and the normal game
    2. the details: the wickets; the overs; how BBC Radio Four reports it; how the opposing side angles to catch that ball; who was out because of rain...
    3. he had us all "bowled over"--no pun intended...;-)

    I hear England won. Kudos!!

    I miss BBC Radio Four's Jonathon Agnew's reporting:-(

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