Friday, 7 April 2006

It's Been a Busy Few Days...

I've been auditioning, seeing a show one of my acting students was in (which was jolly good and my student was excellent), engaging hard to help young people, eating curry, hanging out with Marie, trying to get fit for The Big Adventure, editing the Black Flag section of wikipedia and doing the washing.

I'm also preparing a massive volume of posts on why America is right-wing, the rise of the conservatives in America, the Bush dynasty and the chasm that exists between Europe and the United States.

Normal service may be resumed but don't bank on it...


  1. Anonymous said...


    Daniel, have you ever thought about making a poli-film...? I've asked you this before... But...

    ... you have so much on your blog, so many stories... So many eccentrics like, you know who... so many hard facts that a film could really mess up the right-wingnuts who visit your blog.

    You are the shit, man... destroy the fascist shit-fuckers: Bush and his zombies...

    I know you have a very excitng touring play that you are embarking on, Daniel, but film, with your background and talent, will enable you to reach a far greater audience.

    From reading your blog, I am aware that we have a "voice" that we can rely on. Keep up the good work, man, and know that there is a legion behind you. This world is a pretty fucked place and we normals have to stick together against the others.

    And if U.L. has a prob with what I'm saying, tell him in advance: go to Church to pray for my lost soul!

    By the way, I've done more research on one of our pop culture icons and it seems that 007 is indeed a bitch for the (imaginary) "war on terror" in the upcoming film "Casino Royale." I ask everyone to BOYCOTT THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My beloved Bond, cool in the cold war is nothing more than a Bushwak-rascist junkie ass now ...

    Lets just say, I'm going to make a date to miss this piece of propaganda-feces...


    Kick ass Daniel. Me and others like me, need a voice. Seriously, fuck Blair, Bush and the right-wing brethren. DO your shit! Get a digi-cam and shoot your film already!~!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to start a petition though... Let Daniel make a film...

    2:02 AM, April 08, 2006

  2. Lights, camera, action.

    Pisssssssss, hold up the petition.

  3. You've been a busy person Dan. In my opinion, the US and it's 'right wingedness' originates from the days of the pioneering spirit and the times of religious zealots, namely the first pilgrims, who originally moved over to the New World.
    Interesting stuff to look at though, that's for sure.
    I feel an American Political History MA coming on for you Dan?

  4. Anon: Your positivity is overwhelming...but in a good way. I will be fitting in some political stuff in The Big Adventure. As for making a political doc, I'd love to, if I have time and money I'm on it man.

    Sara: I'd love to do an MA on said subject matter, please see above about time and money.

  5. Good on you Daniel... All the positive vibes you need, we pass to you!!!

    And when you're in Chingford next time, check out the Larkshall Pub... ask for "Funny" Mikey... I just might be there considering it is my second home!


  6. I'd be a little worried about walking into a pub in Chingford and asking for Funny Mikey but one day I may give it a go!

  7. As an American, I don't believe that our nation is any more right than it is left. After all, we had a democratic president and congress less than eight years ago. The large majority of us, our centrists in our views but because of the way our two party system works, the extremists of both parties are getting filtered into the positions of powers. Bush for examply now has a 30% approval rating. Hardly a majority.


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