Friday, 11 August 2006

I Don't Believe You

And it goes on...

Israel is asking the US for a 'speed' delivery (there's a lot of Lebanese children left to be killed) of short-range antipersonnel rockets armed with cluster munitions. These M-26 artillery rockets, which are fired in barrages and carry hundreds of grenade-like bomblets that scatter and explode over a broad area, are likely to be approved shortly, along with other arms, a senior US official said.

Brilliant, ceasefire on one hand but feeding Israel with more weapons to kill even more innocent people on the other. Fuck these hypocrites, these murderers, these cowards.

Both sides are now seriously impinging the ability of aid to get through to where it is most needed, causing unnecessary death and as the dead bodies pile up to act as a futile reminder to the rest of the world, we stand and watch and do nothing.

And as I've kept banging on about, in spite of all the doubters thinking that this was actually about the abducted IDF soldiers, Israel had been planning a war against Lebanon for at least a year and was doing so with the complicite of the Bush regime, building up large scale forces on the border. So you're telling me these troops did not leak into Lebanon in order to provoke action from Hezbollah? Of course they wouldn't do something like that...


You'll not be surprised to know that I think this is pile of scaremongering nonsense, rooted in an effort to keep us frightened and thus under the thumb, never mind distracted from how badly things are going in Iraq, Palestine and of course Lebanon. A scared population is an easier one to control and this fake terror has happened before: tanks at Heathrow, the Ricin plot, the Stockwell plot and the Forest Gate plot.

Bush spewed out the usual rubbish about how this is "a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation," and it looks like the UK government rolled out its stupid, US-style, terror-o-meter just in time folks. Phew, thank baby Jesus for that...

I don't believe you. You don't scare me. Fuck you.


  1. You know, I don't think I ever thought it waas really about the captured soldiers, I just thought it was somethign that was goping to happen eventually, and better now than when everyone in the region has nukes. I'm really upset that ourt country is contributing arms. I think that could be seen as an act of war by the middle east, especially when Israel breaks the cease-fire.

  2. "I don't believe you. You don't scare me. Fuck you."

    For an individual, this is indeed the best response. If the government is behind it, they don't get the benefit of controlling you. If there are indeed terrorists, backed by nefarious foreign national and/or sub-national powers, then your response denies them the benefits from their terror plots.

    I was truly amazed how the US, after living for years under the threat of 5,000 thermonuclear weapons being launched at them all at once, totally freaked out over 4 airliners crashing into various places on "9/11". Your attitude is taking root there too, to the point where today, a small 10 kiloton bomb would not have as big an impact. Major to be sure, but not sheer panic outside a 20 mile radius. Nothing worse than going to all the trouble of nuking somebody and they won't even believe you did it.

    Of course that is unlikely to happen with the current regime in the US. Do you really want to give George a mulligan?

  3. It is a stark reminder that we have surrendered to the "Terrorists." The object of terrorism is to get someone to do something out of fear. It is not the attack itself that is the goal but the fear it imparts in its aftermath. It is the change as a result of the fear.

    The terrorist keep winning everytime we reacte foolishly to one of these so called "plots." I wonder if this plot was like the "7 Retards ina warehouse" plot from Miami.

    What's next? 4 men of Pakistani origin living legally in San Diego decide to go to Tijiuana to see a donkey show and get some cheap tequilla. They get stopped coming back into the US, Headline reads "Terrorist Plot THWARTED! - Four captured at border with liquid explosives!"

    The fact that The US and The UK were manipulated into invading Iraq based on lies played right into the "Terroroists" hands. It was a bigger win than they ever expected. The destabilization of the Middle East has sent fuel prices rocketing. The military build up in the US has cost hundreds billions. These two have put the US economy on rocky footing. That too is a by-product that Osama could never have imagined.

    WE are losing the war badly. It is quite embarrassing.

  4. Good points then one and all, I like the mulligan analogy there Bud!

  5. "The fact that The US and The UK were manipulated into invading Iraq based on lies played right into the "Terroroists" hands."


    Richard Perle admitted that the WTC attack was the result of US policy PLANNING, not FAULT as idiot motherfuckers who need to die suggest.

    The Project For The New American Century needed "a new Pearl Harbor" to steel the moronic US public into paying for Bush and his friends to get richer and kill lots of kids.

    The idea the US or the UK were "manipulated" is so fucking stupid, it would take the stupidest person, in need of the most revolutionary summary justice to say something like that.

    Bud, may you burn in hell next to Richard Perle while he talks his Jew ass about how it all went wrong.

    Death To America.
    Death To Israel.

  6. THe UK and the US WERE manipulated into invading Iraq, by the the $hrubco admininistration. And that played right into the hands of those who wish us ill.

    Dr, Pay attention dumbass. You're making about as much sense as Richard Perle by attacking the wrong person (Bud) with factual error.

  7. I'm wit Cranky on this one. Death to col. dr.

  8. Come get it, cocksuckers. I've seen more REAL death than either of you has seen in your little video games and CNN specials combined.

    You think you have the authority to use the word? You think you have the balls to bring what your asshole, condemned, and ultimately doomed nation is spreading around?

    I invite you to fulfil your empty, cowardly words and learn the facts of death firsthand.

    I spit on you and your cowardice.

    Every American is an accessory to the murders of millions of global citizens, and as such is worthy of the divine justice being wrought upon their "homeland" (we laugh at the idea that illiterate thugs have "homes"), and I laugh with glee looking forward to the day your petty civilisation is enslaved by an intelligent occupation force.

    Line 'em up, boys.

  9. And you think blaming the Texas Wonder gets you cocksuckers off the hook?

    You simpletons claim Bush "manipulated" the American people into this clusterfuck? You play the world for idiots, and fail to account for your own lack of intellect.

    You fuckers voted for him. Democracy, remember? Every goddam one of you is guilty of screaming to high heaven that the system works, that this needless paranoia about corruption of the democratic process was both wrong and irritating.

    So what is the rest of the world left to believe by your own goddam words?

    We're left with this:

    The American people TWICE elected a warmongering twit, who himself escaped real military duty while he flew with The Champagne Squadron, ferrying other rich cocksuckers around while their hired thugs were busy LOSING in Vietnam.

    The American people have not prevented--BY THE DEMOCRATIC MEANS AVAILABLE--the destruction by America's PRIME ALLY (Bush's words) in the Middle East, of Southern Lebanon, in a military campaign (we prefer the term WAR) against a duly-elected (this means by DEMOCRATIC ASSENT) political party who were provoked BY ISRAEL into fulfilling their sworn duty and protecting Southern Lebanon.

    This makes the American People, thereby EVERY STINKING AMERICAN liable for whatever kind of jeopardy such sleeping with dogs might entail.

    Wake up, sissies, you can't have it both ways. Personally, I find great gratification in the fact that the world is finally standing up to America's bullying, and, as is the case with most paper tigers, finds that even nominal resistance leads to great victory, as we see in Iraq--which you are LOSING even quicker than Vietnam.

    You suck. Your country sucks. Your mamas suck. Your dads, well, the ones who stuck around suck. Your entire "culture" (lmfao), civilisation (lmaoeh) and continental presence are a perverse, laughable joke which has only been prolonged by the use of CANADIAN uranium in a bomb which an ITALIAN discovered the secret to.

    Fuck you, cocksuckers, and I look forward to your evil deaths on an apocalyptic scale.

  10. When I am being lined up to be shot, I will stand as I am, and take my fate like a man.

    The only good part of that would be seeing the Col.Dr. being dragged, kicking, screaming, and begging to the edge of the same ditch. He will point to all his blog entries as proof that he should be spared. Especially the ones where he tries to align himself with people who wish to punish populations of democracies (by terror attacks) for the actions of their elected leaders. He seems stuck in college days, where every campus had some sort of "anti-imperialist" society, that would be standing ready to be part of the government after the "revolution". These people hoping for their break, are a lot like those who waste their time hoping for their big break in the arts or professional sports. In both cases not actually doing anything toward getting that break.

    Of course in such a hypothetical situation, the new rulers would not want such a person around, since having shown disloyalty (far beyond normal dissent) to the regime being dispatched, he would be a risk, who could not be trusted to be loyal to the new regime, despite huge volumes of bluster to the contrary. They might spare children, who can still be indoctrinated into the new regime, but the col.dr., by acting like a child, will not be assumed to be one.

    So he gets shot too.

  11. You really are a stupid son of a bitch, bud. You make the mistake of assuming my anti-Empire rhetoric is the product of some sort of intellectual decision, some particularly masterful piece of rhetoric which inflames the soul with its literacy.

    My motivation is not philosophy, but rather a simple hatred for the USA. After two hundred years of murder, you are getting your asses handed to you again, hopefully for good.

    Don't think that our conquerors won't come after lofty intellectuals, who talk big but are a hindrance and danger. But neither think them so refined that they don't know the value of pure hatred, and don't for a second think they would waste such an asset.

    You see, young amateur, it is hatred which makes us loyal, not love, and they will never need fear my disloyalty so long as their foot is on your neck. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and in no case so much more than the enemies of your evil empire.

    As for your own wretched end, don't delude yourself into envisioning some dramatic scene where you're offered a blindfold, then shot. Shooting is an honourable death, not fit for any American except those who fall on the battlefield. Instead, you'll cower in the corner of a Chinese gas chamber, pissing yourself and holding wee little Americans over your face as the taps turn on.

    As you cry for your mommy, (who was fucking the mailman--who was also fucking your sister when you weren't at her), you'll finally realise what a shit you are, and that the only thing you ever took like a man was your poly-sci 101 prof's cock.

    And you'll glorify the name of the Col. Dr., and yell to all what a genius and oracle of the things which are to come he is.

    Then they'll flush you down the Potomoc like the rest of the sewage.

  12. Col Dr., I seem to remember you giving the same rant on a corner near Pioneer Square in Seattle around 1993. Glad to see you put the bible down.


  13. Just remember, Cranky, that you are personally responsible for every Lebanese child killed.

    Fucking murderer.

  14. All righty then... So when are you going to strap on the explosive vest and do something rather than shoot your mouth off? I'm sure there is a martyr brigade out there looking for a volunteer. Why don't you sneak across the border and start working on that whole "death to America" thing.

    Nah, You're all bark no bite. Anyone with that much hate that doesn't put it into action is just a pathetic coward.

    Now go get your mother to cook your some bacon and shut the fuck up.

  15. col.dr.,

    I cannot think of something to say that would make you look more foolish than you have so amply and convincingly done yourself.

    Just sit in your smugness, complacent that you are going to heaven. Oops, I mean complacent that the conquerors will not kill you. Same difference. Convince yourself you will be spared in future tribulations. Convince yourself that you are doing something.

  16. You have been amply warned that your idiotic support for the murderers will cost you in your future.

    This being so, and it being unwise for us to engage your idiocy, lest you think yourself wise, we suspend further comment with one last condemnation of the United States of America, its foreign policy, its abusive domestic policies, and The People's inability to prevent the actions of its government and armies.

    We thus believe that, democratic prevention of atrocities being absent, it is the will of the American people to kill the childen of the world for profit.

    We believe any retribution which Americans suffer as a result of their wilful destruction is their own fault, and is righteous and inevitable.

    We disengage from hyperpatriotic idiots who will have their words rammed back down their throats, and wait for CNN to start reporting the good news.

  17. Col.Dr, Cranky, Bud: Gentlemen, you are all valued contributers to this blog, you're all older, wiser and more adept than I am and would really appreciate it if the discussion does not slip into what it has become: ugly, nasty name calling and false accusations.

    I have a great deal of respect for all three of you and for Cranky and Col.Dr, regular blog pals, a great deal of affection, for that reason I am closing comments on this post as I quite simply can't stand the destruction.

    Peace to you all.