Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The Killing Will Go On Until We Find A Plan

"The Jewish bandits are despicable cowards who hide behind women and children."

SS-Gruppenführer Jürgen Stroop on the resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943.

This is how it works.

Israel eventually bows to world (excluding the US/UK axis) pressure and agrees to the ceasefire that never actually was, which lasted all of 24 hours and now things are back in full swing. But get this...

Israel are now going to step up their activities, they are going to increase the aerial bombardments and also begin a larger scale ground war.
Jesus Christ.

Senior Israeli officials said the government wants to pursue its military offensive until an international force arrives (in other words, get as much killing done as possible before the UN turns up) and Israeli officials also acknowledged that the United States was under mounting pressure and that it was unclear whether it would let the offensive continue until peacekeepers arrive.

That speaks volumes, the United States is complicite in this atrocity and if it was willing to totally condemn the actions of Israel and make demands for a ceasefire I have no doubt Israel would comply. As it is we have 750 dead Lebanese people with the serious threat of even more murders and the war crimes of the Zionists exploding beyond all reason.

And now for some food for thought...

Anyone remember Gilad Shalit, that Israeli soldier abducted by Hamas on the 25th June? Well, funnily enough the day before the IDF had abducted two Palestinian civilians but did we hear about that? Or are we hearing about Gilad Shalit? It's rhetorical, so I'll move on to say that it seems Israel really is the mini-me of the United States; in that it can carry out any unlawful act it wants but when someone else returns the favour it cries foul and uses it to justify its terrible punishment.


  1. I don't think there is a plan. Thsi conflict has been going on for 60 years and no one will conceed anything. Israel needs to give up some land, but that won't happen. This conflict won't end.

  2. The only people who talk about a "plan" being needed are those who have no intention of preventing precious Israel from doing whatever it wants, while their enormous trade deals continue to make everyone except the Lebanese children fat and rich.

    Anyone who has the power to prevent this and allows it--and I specifically refer to the "Security" Council--does not deserve the authority under which it operates.

    Scum make money while children are killed. Real men attack the attackers, and in this, the only men are Hezbollah, who are actually standing up and showing that they won't take this Nazi garbage from bandit Israel.

  3. This stinks, can't believe it's even happening. It bares wide open the duplicity of the American and British governments. Yet they still get apologists and support. I can barely describe what I think of Israel, all Jews should hang their heads in shame at the crimes being committed, it does seem that the old adage of the abused becomes the abuser is true on a national scale and not just a personal one. Did no one ever give Israel counselling before giving it a place to live and some independence? Perhaps a world social worker... you wouldn't put a battered wife in a new apartment without first making sure her minds in the right place so why did we carve up Palestine and stick a battered population in to make their own way... ahh Fuck it, Fuck Israel, Fuck Blair, Fuck Bush and Fuck anyone who listens to the lies on our own TV's Fuck the news broadcasters and Fuck Bush... again the twat.

  4. Daniel, all your points are spot on. And yes we must formulate a plan. It's only fair, after all, they have one - they're implementing it.

    Israel is not America's mini-me, however. Zionist powers control both America and the UK. They're behind the carnage in Iraq and Lebanon is the beginning of the end game for Zionists.

    You need only glance at the rhetoric seeping out of Israel after Qana to realize that something is VERY wrong in Tel-Aviv.

  5. Quote a Nazi. I knew you were one.

    You think your country is so great and better than everyone else. Ours is better.

    India has better food.
    India has better looking woman.
    India has better music.
    India has better culture.

    You know this is all true. And your country is just evil when it comes to history. You raped our country and it wasn't until America came along and helped us out recently that we have recovered. Now we are better than you in every way. Our economy is about to pass yours up if it hasn't already. And our country is much prettier than yours.

    Plus, your woman are ugly. There is an old joke. It goes "what do you call a beautiful woman in England?" The answer is "a tourist."

    Maybe that's why you are such assholes.

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention. Our movies are better. Bollywood is so much better than the drug-riddled crap you put out. Maybe if my women were as ugly as yours, I'd be taking drugs too. Maybe that's why you English are all latent homosexuals.

  7. Bollywood is great if you like reruns of I Love Lucy set to bad music and dancing.

    "wha wha wha wha....."

    Indian, before you start throwing stones about culture you might want to take a long look at your caste system and how you treat the enormous percentage of your society that lives in abject poverty. I don't see a whole lot of British people paying to have their limbs removed because they can make more money begging as an amputee.

  8. "sjain",

    what the hell are you talking about?

    you claim you're not on drugs, but your comment reveals otherwise.

  9. Sjain: you are a funny Indian, well done on that one and don't stop being ridiculous, not even for a second.

  10. Are the burning people suicide bombers?

  11. Sjain's right about Indian food and women, though.


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