Sunday, 18 February 2007

Update From The Eye of the Storm

It's all go here...

The juggling of house buying, moving to a new day job, directing a showcase and the demanding rehearsals of 'The Lesson' is proving to be a fun challenge indeed; with seemingly millions of lines to learn that have no connection to reality and a character ready to disintegrate at the shortest moments notice.

In spite of all this, it's so crucial not to lose sight of the most important thing, my partner and my lover Eva-Jane. All this would have little worth if it wasn't for her. Thus, Valentine's Day proved to be a welcome release as Eva-Jane and I dined at The Avenue after sharing a beautiful day together with much gift sharing and joy. Can I take a moment to introduce you all to Oobee (he's the pink chap on the bottom right)...

Thank you Eva-Jane, I love you with all my giant heart.

"Me and Oobee miss you while you're living on the edge."


  1. aw, cute! i'm so happy this little obbee has found such a loving home, hope he's keeping you in good company.

  2. Wow. So busy. We have President's Day here in the U.S. as a federal holiday so all I have to do today is finish this beer.

    yeah, it's 10:30 in the morning. Life is rough.

  3. Would be great to have come along and shown support (re. The Lesson) in a strictly anonymous sense of course (for we are all secret bloggers) but the chipster is bereft of spondoolies at the mo (in the middle of a flat move) and as cultured as a thick slab of mud. I, on the other hand, am truly cultured (no really) but am also bereft of spondoolikies as in the middle of a house move right now. Will be supporting you `in spirit', however, and hope it wont be too long before you're rich, fat and famous.

  4. All the way from Australia, Oobee has taken a long trip to join us in the UK. I just couldn't resist his long legs, funny ears and the fact he wears his heart on his sleeve... He just reminded me so much of you! :-) I'm sure he will see more of the world yet!! xxx (PS Thank you for dinner, earings, chocolate, roses.... brilliant.)

  5. Our oobee's definately the cutest of all the oobee's! he he xxx


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