Friday, 2 February 2007

You Guys Sure Must Have Prayed Hard...

Because I got the job.



Thank you, one and all for all your prayers.
Have a mighty fine weekend.


  1. YES!!!

    Great news! You Rock! Doing the happy dance right here in the edit room!

    Can't wait to see it...


  2. Congratulations, Daniel!

    I know in my own life, when I have achieved some milestone of success, that some who I thought were friends have the worst reactions. They try to spoil the happy and relieved mood, but more importantly they try to drag me back to wherever my mind was. Usually they were able to feel superior and feel they have now lost someone they can look down their noses at.

    They get a little desperate in this, because their very behaviour makes the feared loss of a friend actually happen.

    But the really good news is, you will discover other people who have watched you for a long time, and when they see you rising from the primordial ooze, they welcome you and are glad to see you. They tell you to stay true to your roots, even though it is difficult because people from your roots want you to fit their stereotype of the "sellout".

    Those people from your roots cannot stand that you can still be as good a person as you were, and have reached a new plateau in life. You will find it quite disconcerting when people who always seemed to be supportive of you then, now turn on you. They try to use anything they can, such as reminding you of past sorrows, to knock you off this new plateau, so they can then say I told you so and you should be happy in the swamp with them.

    You broke free. Some will despise you. Others will congratulate you.

    Best of luck!

  3. You have a very odd fanbase. Nonetheless, congrats! There IS a God of adverts (yikes).

  4. Congrats man, well done.

    Jesus, there's some odd people on here aren't there?

  5. Your on fire big man.

    Coming at you like a hot flannel

  6. The guy in the picture looks familiar. His name isn't Adam by any chance?

    Anyway, I'm SO happy for you. This is wonderful. Ignore the evil of others. It's not worth the trouble. If people can't be happy for you because you're achieving what you wanted, they never deserved your company in the first place. Good Luck! Cuddles and Kisses!!!!!

  7. Yeah! My agnostic prayers worked (?)!!!!

    I echo the sentiment of the 'saner 'commenters. You, oddly, attract an interesting audience. I feel the odd-(wo)man out.

    love you,


  8. heh, you got a job and your not even Polish. good on you DHG.

  9. That picture is priceless!

    And, because I was gone I don't know what job you're talking about, but congrats nonetheless. Will it bring you to the states??

  10. Thanks Daniel, I think leaving the shite comments up shows their true colours.

  11. Methinks the col. dr. needs to get back on his meds.

  12. Thanks to everyone for their kindness, for the Col.Dr or whoever it is that is being a cunt, fuck off and die you sad, shameful son of a bitch and stop projecting your own sad failures onto me.

  13. Many congrats!

    Still waiting for your autograph....

  14. Thank you for your comments on my blog. However, I should point out it's impolite to tell people to fuck off and die on their blogs, unless you're man enough to use your own name.

    My name is Smithson deHaviland. We haven't met, because I've been too busy working at Ogilvy & Mather (100 Bond St. in my hometown of Toronto, Ontario) for the past 20 years making sure that no limey sellouts ever find meaningful work this side of the puddle.

    Interesting that your alleged name is not registered with any British actors' guilds we regularly deal with. Better use better detailing in your next persona.

    Now, about your comment, please let me say that, absolutely, all Americans must die for their war crimes, however, if you remember, you sucked Yankee ass the second it looked like you might get a TA contract.

    We even played a joke letting you think you had one, but fun's over. Fuck off now. And don't even try your patented cocksucking-for-hire tricks, we're all manly men here in Canada and don't need you cum dribblers pestering us with your half-hearted head licking.

    Remember, Daniel, or whatever your pathetic little name is, suicide is a noble way out. And it's down the road, not across the street.

    Make us proud.

  15. *sigh*

    I have left no comments on your blog, apart from the one with my name against it.

    My name is registered with Equity, go to Spotlight and you'll be able to verify that.

    I've no idea where you get the idea I said I served in the army but I haven't and I didn't say it.

    I know you're ill and you are clearly having a turn for the worse and I hope your mental health gets better.

  16. Now you're calling me crazy? I'm not the one endorsing a war that was dependent upon there being WMD in Iraq.

    Under the ancient rules of nobility, failure to oppose the indignity of illegal war equates to league with the aggressors.

    Further, the strength of opposition is directly dictated by the lengths to which the aggressor goes to secure his ill-gotten gains.

    As such, with the most elaborate propaganda war in history, making Goebells sound like a jingle-smith of yesteryear, the opposition has been forced to counter with extreme measures of its own.

    This war is the fault of the American people who failed to prevent it, then failed to stop it in timely fashion.

    Affinity toward these people has been made impossible by their iniquity, and just as a noble citizenry would not associate themselves with common criminals, neither can people align themselves with Americans and retain serious consideration.

    There is no other angle of discussion, and no other issue about this war apart from the fact that the US government lied about there being WMD in Iraq as a pretext for invading it.

    There is no humanitarian consideration apart from an immediate end to the war and reparations made to their victims.

    There is no tactical consideration apart from an immediate end to the war and reparations to the Iraqi people.

    There are no political considerations apart from an immediate end to the war and reparations to the Iraqi people.

    Outside of these considerations, the only two valid issues regarding this war, all talk and debate is useless and criminal.

    My furious scorn of each and every person who allows themselves to be seduced by propaganda into believing any other issue exists is valid, and demanded by the ancient rules of noble conduct.

    My outrageous calls for the extermination of each and every person responsible for the planning, prosecution, and ongoing support for this war is directly proportional to the incredible arrogance with which the entire American nation wages war on the unarmed people of the world. It is entirely appropriate, and demanded by the ancient rules of noble conduct.

    My tremendous glee at seeing the unarmed victims of the American nation embarrass them politically and on the battlefield is entirely natural, given the incredible distortions of reality forced upon our sensibilities by this war.

    It, along with every derisive statement against the American nation while it is in a state of illegal warfare unheard of since Nazism is entirely appropriate, and demanded by the ancient rules of noble conduct.

    Nobody who bridges the fence, or has inappropriate contact or affinity for the American nation while it is in such an outrageous state of iniquity can expect to escape the infliction of scorching words.

    Words though they be, the intense excitement they cause is merely their truth stinging the minds of those who don't realise how far they've been taken for a ride.

    And you can deride me however you please, because your true feelings about the matter have been exposed. The veneer of informed caring burned off with a single flush of excitement at the thought of being seen by millions of people.

    All who supported this war will be grinding their teeth for decades when it goes completely to hell. They will deny having been led down the garden path by psychotic leaders, and claim to have morally opposed the war the whole time.

    This will not be good enough. The time to have these opinions out in the open is now, while children are still dying. Until that happens, and the beast is finally put back in its cage, it remains war, and by the ancient rules of noble conduct, all bets are off.

  17. What the hell does any of this have to do with the BLOG!!! Fucking lunatics!!

    Congratulations on yet another great job Daniel. That's all that needs to be said.

    (Oh yea, and I love you) xxx

  18. Insulting the woman I'm in love with not only makes you look base and devoid of any humanity but it also makes you look dumb.

    Stop it, you're becoming a bullying bore.


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