Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Night Phil Kay Died

Phil Kay (not to be confused with Peter) is one of my favourite stand-up comedians because he is not really a stand-up, he is more of a wonderful storyteller with perhaps the greatest imagination of any living comedian.

I sat on the front row eager with anticipation and watched in horror as a Saturday night crowd failed to be impressed by his routine and then went on to destroy it, so that for the majority of the gig he sat on a stool strumming a guitar as they shouted abuse and bad jokes.

Phil Kay used the analogy that he was offering precious flowers and all the idiots were throwing out were car fumes, “aren’t we all people in a room?” he suggested in a heartfelt appeal to the raucous crowd. It fell on deaf ears as they chewed him up and spat him out, it wasn’t so much a comedic death as a massacre.

It was horrible to watch.

Bless you Phil Kay, some of us still have faith in you.


  1. Frickin' morons.

    You know what would have made those low-IQ people happy? Some jokes about RELATIONSHIPS and airline food.

    "What is the DEAL with relationships anyway!?"

    --Jesus Christ.

  2. Sounds like a horrible experience. People can be complete arseholes at times; smallminded, uncaring, insensitive, greedy, appauling, inhuman etc etc. Glad you gave him the support though, he'd have felt this from you I reckon..

  3. Sounds like an awesome night at the comedy club. Wish i could have been there.

  4. Come on! Any comedian should be able to handle hecklers as part of the job. The fact he was so destroyed sounds like he failed to handle the first few heckles resulting in an all out attack!

    You shouldn't be feeling sorry for someone who failed to do part of their job... put the heckler down with comedy and witt.

  5. Sorry John but that's the biggest pile of shit I've read for a long time; as a performer you're there to share ideas with a room full of people, these people were not there to be part of that, their sole aim was to destroy and what point is that.

    Best for them to go fuck themselves and destory their own lives, rather than take out their bullshit on someone else who certainly didn't deserve it.

  6. Agree fully with your claim that Phil has the greatest imagination of any living comedian. I have seen him enough times to witness him both unparalled and catastrophic. With the latter, sometimes it is his 'fault' (i.e. a byproduct of the fact that he has no script to fall back on, and doesn't just doesn't happen to feel 'funny' that eve) and other times he is clearly on song, but without a receptive audience. That's the risk that any Phil Kay fan takes when they pay their money, unfortunately! The reward is that when he is good, no other comedian can come close. He has a thick skin when it goes badly though and always seems to bounce back, so don't be too downhearted.


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