Sunday, 31 August 2008


Blogging will once again be light for the next few months as I have been cast in Theatre Absolute's new show, Zero and rehearsals start tomorrow.

I am fucking over the moon.

I've known for a while but have kept it a secret as, to be honest, it seemed too good to be true and I didn't want to jinx it by running my mouth off on my blog.

Theatre Absolute are a British theatre company that I've been writing to for a long time, seeing if they'd give me a job and the years of letters have paid off.

The work they offer is of the highest quality, they are one of the finest theatre companies in the UK and Zero promises to be an amazing show because it is a show about something, something important and a play that will hopefully be a piece to instigate change in the audience.

Zero is about the ethics of torture and the curse of censorship. Zero is about what is done in our name and what should be done in the face of an unknown and relentless enemy. Set twenty years from now, in the face of unabated nihilism, hundreds of torture camps have been created to extract information, at any cost, from those who aim to blow apart a world that is wealthy beyond its dreams.

They’re outside. They’re waiting for me to open the door.
You should see them, devils in their shadows.
Even if you write down what I tell you and you get the world to read the book,
I don’t think they’ll be bothered.
They’re not frightened of the truth.
What hope have we got?
Tour dates are as follows and your support would be very much appreciated (seriously, would be lovely to see some people there):

29th Sept – 4th Oct Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry (PREMIERE)
7th – 8th Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
10th - 11th Theatre Royal, York
14th Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
16th – 17th The North Wall, Oxford
21st – 22nd Contact Theatre, Manchester
23rd Corn Exchange, Newbury
28th – 29th Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln
31st Brewhouse, Taunton

1st Lawrence Hill Church, Barton Hill, Bristol
4th Arena, Wolverhampton
6th – 8th Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
11th – 29th Nov Tristan Bates Theatre, London

I'll do my best to update my blog with the progress of rehearsals and how the shows go, check out the writer's musing here and wish me luck as I'm consumed by the world of Zero...


  1. hope it goes well n with a bit of luck i will catch ya at the Lakeside mate.

  2. Ah, edging close to m'ometown.

    The best of luch to thee,


  3. Sounds a bit poop and a bit "right-on" to me, but I am sure you'll be the best thing in it.

    Here's an acting tip. If you need to bring genuine fear into your performance, just concentrate on that next moment as your diaphragm pulls another breath, and imagine a time when the final pulse flows through your body and your last lungful of air leaves your mouth. It is the single event that units man and beast. You no longer exist in the world and that moment of non-existence is now. All you leave behind is the grief of your loved ones and the many trinkets you've collected. Now feel the primeval fear rise from your stomach as the adrenaline pumps and your fight or flight instinct kicks in, as you try to resist the inevitability of your demise. Your bowels will loosen, but this is nothing to be afraid of. Use it in the performance. Fling your shit at the first row. It will look good and give the reviewers something to put in their column.

    Of course, the finest form of torture involves the mind and the best torturer can extract the truth, any truth, without even laying a finger on his subject. It's like convincing yer girlfriend to swallow when she doesn't want to. You convince her that the consequences are important. The same is said of any mental torture or mind control.

    Alternatively, the torture camps could just play some of my music to their victims which would get them singing like the proverbial canaries in seconds.


  4. Congratulations, Daniel! I hope you get paid well. Will the show be coming to New York?

  5. Someone's already said 'break a leg'. Is DIAF too much?

    (PS - congrats!)

  6. Hope to see you in London Daniel.
    All the best mate.

  7. Daniel, I've booked tickets for Manchester on the Wednesday, so I'll see you there. Hope you're well and congrats on the role, you'll be fab as usual! Em xx

  8. Best of luck and congrats Dan, remember there's a spare bed near Glasgow for you when you do the Citz

  9. That webmarketing chap above be me. I was logged in to Google analytics. Google own the web man...

  10. M@: thanks mate!

    Barnze: hope to see you in Notts then, let me know when you're coming.

    Ben: cheers!

    Darren: you're a miserable bastard sometimes but thanks for the compliment. You should see it, it's not 'right on' at all I promise.

    Ortho: pay is very good and their last show went to NY and hope the same for this one too!

    Tim: DIAF is all good and chuffed I made the Julie Moult list...

    Scotch: let me know when you come and we can hook up?

    Emma: you're a legend, looking forward to seeing you mate.

    Doogie: got digs in Glasgow as need to be close but come and see us won't you?

    RE: I hope so...

  11. Dude I'll come see ya, hopefully meet up during the day too so you can see the wee fella... that's my son, not a euthemism.

  12. Cool Rob, meet up sounds good also, be in touch when in the Scotlands!


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