Saturday, 6 September 2008

Colouring Zero

First week of Zero rehearsals are over with and it has been brilliant, tiring and overwhelming but totally brilliant.

Not only have we amassed a cast that are not only very gifted but also cool people but a writer/director team that have a genuine vision for the piece and the ability to pull it off.

The script is fucking ace, real top notch stuff and my character (Tom) is a dream to play, easy in the best way so that I've room to play and invent.

We've already developed a code between us, like a gang I suppose, our own conversational short-hand, references and sense of togetherness that bond us together for the journey ahead of us.

Must go, lines to learn and torture techniques to get familiar with...


  1. Sounds interesting. Next, you'll be playing Webster.

  2. Glad all is going well. Will you becoming to perform in NYC soon?

  3. M@: it is interesting, getting there now!

    Ortho: I would love to but someone needs to pay us to come!


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