Friday, 12 September 2008

"However, I Stand for 8-10 Hours a Day. Why is Standing Limited to 8 Hours?"

The above words of course belong to Rumsfeld regarding enhanced interrogation techniques and for the past week, as we've worked on Zero, the concepts, actions and ideas behind torture have hung over my work; for me, it fuels much of what I'm doing in this fine play.

Zero does not choose one side over the other, does not preach, does not hector but presents all the elements of the issue at hand for the audience to absorb.

The second week of rehearsal has gone very well, excellent progess, most of the lines are learnt and scenes fleshed out. Next week provides the challenge of using the torture equipment for the first time and working with a fight director on the various violent set-pieces.

Can't bloody wait!


  1. Yes, it's true that he did not have a chair in his office. Standing burns more calories. Wish I had that option sometimes.

  2. I stand for 8-10 hours a day, too. I like to read standing up. I have a lectern that I place my book on. However, when I read and stand, I don't stand on a bucket, rarely have a hood over my head, my arms spread wide, and clamps, which can deliver electric shocks, clipped to my testicles.

    Hope the show goes well!


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