Friday, 30 January 2009

Poles Apart: End of the First Week of Rehearsal

I made myself laugh typing the title of this blog post because we only have a week and a half to write and rehearse the show full stop, so it's not as if they'll be any more weeks of rehearsal to blog about.

And it's been a busy few days, devising and rehearsing Poles Apart in the day and in the evening typing and editing up the day's work to try and make a coherent script and document of our work; as well marking down lighting and sound cues and making a props list.

It's been a very creative time, it's come pretty easy for Mark and I and I seriously think we have a very good show on our hands, I do love how something comes from nothing, how a piece of art rises up from the void. Today we had great fun buying the costumes, which include terrible tracksuits for Act II and nasty-ass Velcro sneakers to go with.

We've also been juggling an extensive PR campaign, with plenty of radio interviews and press interviews, it's good that the show has a media real buzz about it, hopefully that'll sell more tickets for our run. Speaking of which, make sure that if you live near any of these places below, buy a bloody ticket and come and see us.


5th Yvonne Arnaud theatre 01483 44 00 00
6th Maltings Arts St. Albans 01727 844 222
7th Brewery Arts Centre Kendal 01539 725133
10th Darlington Arts 01325 486555
11th Wellingborough Castle 01933 270 007
12th Oldham Coliseum 0161 624 2829
13th South Holland Centre Spalding 01775 764777
14th Helmsley Arts 01439 771700
17th The Ironworks Oswestry 01691 679123
18th New Theatre Royal Portsmouth 023 9264 9000
19th Artrix Bromsgrove 01527 577330.
20th Georgian Theatre Royal Richmond 01748 825252
21st Riverhead Louth 1507 600350
24th the Plough Great Torrington 01805 624624
26th Paisley Arts Centre 0141 887 1010
27th Arlington Arts Centre Newbury 01635 244246
28th Newark Palace Theatre 01636 655755


4th Rotherham Arts Centre 01709 823621
7th The Gate Goole 01405 763652
10th Brewhouse Taunton 01823 283244
11th Marine Theatre Lyme Regis 01297 442138
12th The Met bury 0161 761 2216
13th Derby Guildhall 01332 255800
14th Queens Park Arts Aylesbury 01296 424332
17th Salisbury Arts Centre 01722 321744
18th Wyeside Arts 01982 552555
19th Pyramid & Parr Hall Warrington 01925 442345
20th Waterside Arts Sale 0161 912 5616
21st Stafford Gatehouse 01785 254 653

And the great news is that tomorrow, Mark and I are off to Poland (via Holland) to do a TV interview for Poland's leading television breakfast show, (think a Polish version of This Morning) we are so bloody excited and hope that:

1. We rise the awareness of our show in the Anglo-Polish community
2. We are funny in Polish
3. We do not offend any Polish people


On a side note, while searching for Polish images, I stumbled upon this fine blog that documents Polish Tramps.



  1. s come pretty easy for Mark and I and I seriously think we have a ver

    --That should read, "Mark and me and I seriously...."


    I like how you guys figure on how you're going to impersonate a Pole.... Hilarious.

  2. My grandfather came from Poland at the end of the 1800s.... I think he wore wooden shoes or something. Or maybe that was George Washington. I forget.

  3. We do loads of Pole impersonation, it works well. TAK!

  4. Whaaa? No dates in Norwich? I feel cheated...

    (But stay away. This is a dangerous place, full of misery and woe!)

    Good luck.

  5. We were coming to Kings Lynn but they cancelled on us as there audience is too conservative for our work.


  6. Really? Excellent, you're gonna love it, loads of laughs!

  7. Sadly me n the Lovely Mrs B will miss the Newark performance due to us getting a tan in Lanzarote.I am sure it will be as successful as the Big Adventure mate. A real shame to miss it as i know it will be a laugh. All the best with the tour.

  8. That's a shame Barnze but I know you'll be there in spirit!

    Enjoy the sun.

  9. Cheers mate.Good luck with it and i hope to catch you on your next tour.


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