Monday, 13 July 2009

BNP Backtracks on Racist Policy...1 Down 14 to go!

One thing I have noticed in my dealing with racists is that they do cling onto some terrible ideas and fight for them with a blind and desperate gusto which says much about the idea in the first place but, you have to admire such blind adherence to utterly unworkable ideas.

Because that is what the majority of their ideas are, unworkable nonsense.

It seems that top-Nazi Nick Griffin has retreated on one of their most unworkable ideas, the "send 'em back where they came from" nonsense because, he concedes, that no one wants it, likes it and it is totally impossible in enforce. So the fascist dream of an all-white Britain has fallen by the wayside.

It's a start, now all we need to is get them to see that the rest of their policies are impractical tosh and we'll be making real progress...


  1. Because Nick Griffin is my droopy-faced hero, I tuned into Andrew Marr's interview with him on Sunday and was most depressed to hear that he would no longer send our coloured cousins back to Africa. He said it was unworkable to give the darkies a ticket home. I was most disappointed and feel that we need an alternative to the BNP - something a little more right wing, perhaps? ***

    *** I am taking the piss. To watch this flabby-chopped arsehole with his deadeyes and bad teeth try and pretend that he wasn't a fascist but some kind of anti-fascist hero was the single most pathetic thing on TV this weekend, second only to the Katie Price interview. (We love you Pete!)

  2. So what is left of the BNP if the send colored back home is a no go? I mean what is their brand now? I educated myself on BNP and here are a few headlines from their website:

    "The full extent of the illegal invasion of Britain by thousands of Third World colonisers costs the British taxpayer untold millions every year" cool no? colonizers?! :O

    "Britain’s once-proud police force has been reduced to a politically correct shambles with orders to recruit Gypsies and not to arrest extremist Muslims"

    “If Europe is getting more immigrants than its voters want, this is a good indication that its democracy is malfunctioning.” “Western countries are supposed to be democracies, accountable to voter assessments and preferences, and all Western publics believe they have too much immigration.”

    “How ridiculous it is for them to suggest that the police force needs to be representative of the society in which we live. On that basis, ultimately they would want to employ criminals as police officers as a proportion of society is made up of criminals.”

    interesting stuff really. I'm taken aback by the superficiality and logical fallacies of their arguments. I have a deep conviction that if you say anything in this world you will find followers. And I mean anything!

  3. Shocking. Darren made me laugh at least.

  4. Yes Ellie, Darren is a funny man.


    You had me going for a bit there comrade...


    Agree with you, such lies fall hard on idiots ears.


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