Monday, 17 August 2009

American Healthcare Blues

(click on the picture to make it bigger)

I've exhausted myself at numerous other places debating the current US healthcare debacle with idiots and I have neither the time nor the inclination to do so here, especially when the picture above sums it all up so wonderfully.

Have a nice day.


  1. You must have watched the Michael Moore film "Sicko" by now.

    For the US to criticise our "socialised" health care system as if it were the first step to worldwide communism, is hilarious. The reason the US senators are belly-aching is that most of these senators are involved in healthcare insurance companies and those companies are going to lose a fortune of their stock value if a USNHS ever comes to pass.

    The NHS is one of the few things in this pathetic country that makes me proud and if any yank wants to fight about I will happily knock them on their fat backsides with a carefully aimed Glasgow kiss.

    The wankers...

  2. As someone facing yet another increase in my "insurance" premiums (isnt insurance supposed to cover disaster-based rather than normal needs?), I find little humor (other than gallows humor) in the health care "debate" going on over here.
    Plus, it's sounding like the whole things about to fall apart, no doubt in favor of some "uniquely American" plan (designed to line the pockets of those whose pockets already bulge hugely). Apparently I'm going to have to wait another 15 years or so before I can safely get sick in this country.
    If you want funny, how about those Tories who've apparently taken heart at their American Conservative counterpart's success and decided to take aim at y'all's health care system? Nothing like the bad guy shooting himself in the foot to make one laugh, is there? Or do they actually stand a chance?

  3. SICKO was easily Moore's best movie IMO.

    Obama is letting the yahoos dictate.

    With so many of the yahoos armed, eventually someone will get hurt. They already killed an abortionist.

  4. Dave:

    Come live here with me.


    Sicko was very good, I still love 9/11 because of the emotional impact. As for Obama's turn of face of late, a real blow to me, he may be being realistic but I just wish he'd have held his nerve.

  5. Oh, God, dont think I wouldnt be there in a flash if I thought I could get a job. Anybody there need an old-fashioned film and paper photographer?


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