Thursday, 6 August 2009

Natalie Imbruglia "Wild About It"

You may recall that I did my first music video not that long ago and also some viral bits and pieces to go with it, it seems The Sun liked it and has featured it, which is a bit embarrassing as I write for an anti-Sun website but what's a spoon full of hypocrisy now and then?

Anyway, without further ado here is my appearance as Natalie Imbruglia's Dancing Man, a two-minute dance performance where I channel the energy of the long dead James Brown directly into my moves and burn a hole in the bloody carpet.

If only you could see my feet...


  1. I love it when the white folks try to get down.

    I just checked youtube for the video, and except for one part where it looked like you were bumping butts with Natalie, this didn't make it. Which is a pity. It would have made a better ending than the pretty-boy in the pool ending they had up there.

    Well done, nonetheless!

  2. I'm in the video a bit, I got paid for that as well but this is my own viral that they paid me for to help promote the album and song.

  3. Love it!

    I'm surprised they haven't immediately hired you as a backup dancer, given that she's touring at the mo.

  4. It is fricking bad ass this. Go on the hoffmister.

  5. That's wild.

    This week is The Fringe here in Minneapolis. We have the world's largest non-juried Fringe. It's the luck of the draw, who performs. No censorship, only warnings. Tonight I'm seeing Pinter.

  6. Beth:

    Cheers duck, I await the back-up dancer call...


    Yeah baby!


    Have fun at the fringe, Edinburgh has started also.

  7. It might be even funnier with the volume turned off. (My Man's asleep whilst I watch)

  8. True story: For quite a long time I toyed with the idea of unleashing the old beer gut and giving it up on videotape to 'Slam' by Pendulum.

    Then, some time later, I saw the video to 'Slam' by Pendulum, where a man with a beer gut does exactly that.

    The moral of the story is - actually, I have no idea what the moral of the story is.

    Perhaps I should still do it, though - at least it'd be semi-original content unlike 99% of the stuff on youtube.


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