Tuesday, 25 August 2009

No Hats No Hoods

I love grime.

If you don't know, grime is the UK's own brand version of rap; where you take hip-hop's flow, nick all the best bits of top garage tracks and run 'em through at 140bpm, while throwing in a dancehall vibe.


I was shopping for the Arctic Monkeys new album and I stumbled upon a mixtape by DJ Magic, which compiles some of the best grime tunes of the last few months, it's title alone made me want to buy it: "No Hats No Hoods".

If you're not familiar, signs like this...

Or this...

They are quite common across London town and it's a genius idea to win the term back and use it on a grime compilation. So buy it. Also, it meant I found out about a fellow Shottingham artist, an MC who goes by the name of Wariko who seems to have some skills and I just love hearing MCs rap in a Notts accent, reminds me a bit of home, of where I'm from and I might be far too old to be listening to grime but I really don't give a fuck.

Check out Wariko below, check out the Notts accent in full flow and look out for me releasing my own mixtape sometime before Christmas...



  1. Stop trying to hang wid da kids. Grime is about five years old now. Why ain't you name-checking the So Solid Crew or Oxide and Neutrino? Where were you, man? Our rap scene is shit. It always has been and always will be. It's like a Country and Western singer from Catford...a nice idea on paper, but the execution will always be piss-poor to the original material.

    Re: hats.

    A good few years ago I was asked to take my hat off as I entered a Cambridge pub. I weakly replied: "But my head will get cold". Unfortunately, that old flannel didn't wash with the bouncers...and the hat came off.

  2. Darren:

    I'm not trying to hang with the kids, I've been into rap since 87 and have been an eager fan of the grime scene since Run The Road days. And I don't share your dislike or lack of faith in UK rap artists, we have many fine ones.

  3. If hanging wid da kids is bad, someone ought to tell Planet Mu label boss Mike Paradinas (b. 1971).

    Or, over in the d'n'b camp, Hospital boss Tony Colman - late forties.

    I could go on.


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