Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Police Are Experimenting on People...

I was heading off to an audition and was waiting at the bus stop at the end of my road for the short ride to Wood Green station, when I spotted this...

(click on the image to make it bigger if struggling to read the madness on it)

The full text reads as follows:
"Police Experimenting Illegally On Sick & Unemployed
Electronic Harassment Check Web"
Which is a pretty odd thing to find written on a bus stop in an urban suburb of London, I mean I expect to see some tedious gang tags or a badly drawn penis, or at the very least someone's name and a reference to how much they love cock...

Instead we get some apocalyptic warning of the British police experimenting (illegally may I add) on the sick and unemployed and also utilising some form of electronic harassment. I decided to follow the bus stop graffiti advice and check the web. This is what I found...

Bugger all.

If anyone out there can help clarify the story of police carrying out experiments I would be most grateful as I have a few unemployed and sick people I would like to suggest for the program...


  1. The graffiti is better in Norwich. Someone's painted an eight-foot cock and balls on the homeless shelter near Anglia TV studios. Made me laugh anyway...but that's because I am a dribbling childish fool.

  2. Wait. Experimenting on the sick and homeless is... wrong?



  3. I don't think the police experiment, but the government used to didn't they? Porton Down and all that.

  4. Dave and Beth:

    I'm still confused as to what he exactly means though or she, whoever wrote it.


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