Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Atlantic Bridge

I was over at the always very good Back Towards T'Locus the other day and its author has been blogging quite often on a disturbing bunch called "The Atlantic Bridge", which is basically a collection of hawkish, voodoo-economics loving conservatives on both sides of the pond, that want to bring back the halcyon days of "strengthening the special relationship exemplified by the Reagan-Thatcher partnership of the 1980s."

Excuse me while I wipe the vomit off of my desk and personal computer...

The home page is enough to have you dry wretching in your seat as the 'special relationship' is talked of in such high falutin language, with phrases like "noble ideals", "sacrifices rewarded" and "together America and Britain have helped re-make much of the world in the image of liberty and democracy."

I mean seriously, what planet does these people live on? A planet where, without any sense of irony, they have a Margaret Thatcher Medal of Freedom and also hold the Margaret Thatcher Lecture Honouring Dr. Henry Kissinger. I'm surprised they don't have the Milton Freidman Cup for the most repressive regime that pushes through awful fiscal policy with extra points for number of dissidents executed...

My mind started to wander as to what this Atlantic Bridge might look like, would it be something blue and perfunctory like this...

Or perhaps it would have a sturdy, old fashoned look so as not to scare people off...

But then I decided that the Atlantic Bridge would be made out of the bones of those who dared to disagree with it and I think that makes for a fitting look...


  1. This is the Milton Freidman Cup.

    It's filled with blood

  2. Spot on Rich, spot bloody on. Some people don't know evil when they see it.

  3. Anyhows back to the story i is pumping my own mothers dirty little mouth n slapping her excrement smeared face while da ladyboy is drilling mums gaping cock battered butt hole and a neighbor she owed money to is smashing her tunnel like cunt and as mummy begs for the rest of the men in the room to shit and piss on her unwashed body guess who minces in with his butt plug in his mouth?


  4. Thanks for sharing that Grand Cyclops...help is on its way to you!

    BTW, you're not from Lincolnshire are you?

  5. "noble ideals" = aristocrats in charge.
    "sacrifices rewarded" = our sacrifices, their rewards.
    "together America and Britain have helped re-make much of the world in the image of liberty and democracy" = we sold a boatload of crap, made off with valuable resources, raked in billions, and we got away with it.

    The bridge, of course, will be built out of ideals, strong ideals, and will never waver, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

  6. Your blue and perfunctory bridge is a good one, because it actually makes landfall in Canada - a country we have such a special relationship with (and I've no doubt the treacherous numbnuts at Atlantic Bridge have forgotten this point) that we share the same head of state...

  7. Dave:

    "The bridge, of course, will be built out of ideals, strong ideals, and will never waver, even in the face of evidence to the contrary."

    Brilliant stuff, although I think we make quite a good bridge.


    Good spot.

    Bonus biscuit for you.

  8. Isn't all this 'Atlantic Bridge' stuff merely the precursor to the Bush-Cheney Neo-Con cabal: the latter actually having less of a grip on reality, and even more of a burning desire to "apply" democracy and "standards" on those parts of the the world who "don't get it", than the former (who at least had The Cold War as an excuse)?

  9. The short answer to you CNL is yes, a very big yes. Nice to have you by here.

  10. Hey Daniel,

    Pleasure's all mine mate!

    As Sir Peter Ustinov used to say, in his TV adverts for the The Grauniad (as he read the paper's cricket reportage to camera) back in the 1980s: "I do so love a good read."

    And here, I get one.

    Break a leg!



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