Monday, 5 October 2009

"If it Wasn't for us You'd all be Speaking German!"

When debating some Americans online, especially those that cling onto the right-wing mindset at all costs, as if battening down the hatches against the perfect storm that is reasoned discussion; the aforementioned debate will, at some time or another, descend to them confusing a dissenting voice with the dreaded bigotry that is being anti-American.

"YOU HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS!" they cry, which is usually followed by sharp insinuations that you are some kind of liberal, fag, Jew, Commie American-hater who may or may not support such conservative America bete-noires as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. After this, the more idiotic amongst these twats, the true uber-gits will then bring up World War II and make it very clear that us Brits would all be eating Frankfurters, speaking German and goosestepping about the place if it weren't for the brave intervention of the Yanks.

Septicisle over at the ever-excellent Obsolete turned me on to the following image, taken from the Life magazine archive and shares the data from a poll taken of Americans before their entry into WW2. It makes for interesting viewing...

(click on the image to make it bigger)

Thankfully, they backed us regarding who they wanted to win but the other stats make for quite disturbing reading, especially the 29% that were willing to sell goods to both sides.

You see, whenever you encounter a blustering American boosting of their nations involvement in WW2 to justify themselves and their country (after they've successfully constructed the strawman that you hate America and its precious freedoms), you may just have to remind them that Roosevelt dragged the American people kicking and screaming into the war, against popular opinion and after doing a nice piece of hoodwinking at Pearl Harbour.

That and the fact that many had no issue with selling stuff to the Nazis...


  1. In the past, when that argument comes up about us all speaking German, I used to say:

    "Well at least we'd have got rid of all those stinking Jews and the trains would run on time..."

    I'm taking the piss, of course, but sometimes you have to just say something so fucking hideous just to get a different reaction - to shock some sense into them.

    But wherever I go these days, the BNP seems to follow. In the cab home from the hospital after seeing the new baby, the cabbie seems like a nice bloke and we are talking the usual shit when all of a sudden he tries to big up the BNP.

    I shut him down in his tracks and told him I'd have none of it and that the BNP isn't a legitimate political party and if he could remember back far enough to the hideous National Front, that's what the BNP has grown from.

    However, the real urge was for me to say something so outrageously racist that he would go "now, now" and be shocked into some kind of sense. But I was tired...and I wanted to get home.

    Instead, the driver regaled me with his tales of marrying a Romanian several years ago who obviously got hitched to him for the passage to the UK and then dumped him. I wonder what his friends at the BNP would have made of him helping these immigrants in the back door? :-)

  2. Hmmm. Isnt 29% about the same number as Bush's morally questionable support brigade? Things arent all that different after all.

  3. I would say at its peak it was more than 29% but when his rating plummated there were still around 29% that backed him blindly.

    Indeed, things aren't that different Dave.

  4. What language would the Yanks be speaking if wasn't for us Spanish, Dutch or Red Indian perhaps!

  5. I'm not sure what you mean by us Dele, or by the use of the word Red Indian but still, it was populated by Brits wanting a different life and that is what they have got.

  6. The "Yanks" came very close to speaking French.
    They were always close to revolutionary France especially during the war of 1812. One of the things that the new country got down to deciding was which would be the "National" language.
    Perhaps Sadly, "English" was chosen. Imagine the French having to cope with a cousin like the modern USA.There would be very little French cinema I guess.
    Of Course the really scary thing is that they might have entered the second world war in 1940 to support their French cousins. I wonder if Hitler would have made his fatal mistake of Invading Russia if the US was already in France ? Makes you think, don't it ?
    For all those Americans who think we would be speaking German if it wasn't for them.
    The Russians defeated the Germans, with our help of course, but they may well have done it on their own.
    There is no doubt that we could not have achieved the same result without the uncounted hordes that Russia could command in Battle.
    Imagine if all the divisions fighting on the eastern front were available to Rommel on June 6th 1944 ?
    Finall, whatever your views, always remember that Germany was only a year or so away from a working nuclear weapon and they had already used their delivery device [the V2 rocket] many, many times to great effect.

  7. Nice facts Pile, really appreciate those thoughts, come by when you can for more of the same.

  8. What?
    What is this list?
    Who knows who those people were.
    WHAT modern country, as a whole, willingly goes into wars (not directly involving them) with the majority of their population backing them?
    The U.S. played an isolationist role throughout the majority of the war.
    THEN, Japan, awoke a sleeping giant with Pearl Harbour.


    You don't have to think of us as your saviors, but to downplay our importance in the Allied victory is ridiculous..

  9. almost606:

    Thanks for stopping by, not sure about your critique of the list as you call it, it was a survey carried out like any survey. The point was, a lot of idiots throw around the 'you'd all be speaking German' crap and obviously, it really isn't as simple as all that; the isolationist role is not something many Americans will confess too, fining the myth of saving the world far superior.

    A myth you seem to perpetuate a little with the sleeping giant motif, more of an annoyed toddler.

    So saviours no and you confuse a critique of myopic and ignorant patriotism with downplaying the US importance in the Allied victory.

    Thanks for coming by anyway, even if your CAPS LOCK did get stuck on the MURDER SHE WROTE phrase.

  10. I will be frank, I am an American born and raised, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when some other ignorant fool suggests that "they would be speaking German if it weren't for us." Now I can say that I haven't heard anybody say that phrase in regards to the British, Russians or the like, but it had become popular to say back in 2003-04 when France wouldn't back our war in Iraq. My response is, "How can anyone even know that?!" There are a couple simple arguments to be made:
    #1. If we are being so simplistic as to assert that we saved France in WWII then it would be an easy argument to make that the French saved us from you damn Redcoats in the American Revolution. But since it isn't that black and white...
    #2. I believe that France would have survived and eventually overcome the occupation of Germany once the Third Republic was out of the way and De Gaulle with his 1.25 million troops got involved. Though, the Americans played a big part in the war effort, the Brits might have a better argument towards the France in saying they were the saviors. Those ignorant enough to use this phrase are far too uneducated to realize that the British landed 10,000 more men on the beaches of Normandy, the Free French forces were amassing large numbers of troops, and that if any of the Allies had a good reason for requiring a bit of aid, it definitely would have been France after what they endured in the previous world war.
    In summation, don't listen to stupid Americans that use such ignorant phrases, it isn't their fault they weren't educated properly...except for Texas, it is their fault.

    P.S. This will all be a moot point if all of us in the "west" don't pull our heads out of our asses soon or we will all be speaking Mandarin anyway


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