Friday, 9 October 2009

Le Donk

Me and the good lady Eva-Jane are off out tonight, after some tuna pesto pasta, to catch Shane Meadows' latest movie "Le Donk" which stars the legendary Paddy Considine and promises to be a right laugh; as it follows the adventures of a hapless Nottingham rapper (you heard) and his failing rodie/manager: Le Donk.

It was made in just 5 days and rightly so The Guardian is wondering why Hollywood, for example, can't make more things in a short period of time, considering the quality of this movie.

We'll keep you posted as to how grand it was but in the mean time, check out Le Donk's break dancing video and swoon at the moves...


  1. Looks cool - may well have to add that to my list.

    I wait, with anticipation, your views on the Nobel peace prize!

  2. To answer your question: Your typical Hollywood producer doesn't even fart unless it's been market tested. Besides, Hollywood filmaking is all about very pretty guys shooting guns while things explode all around him. British films are about people.

    It's also why the best actors on American TV are imported from somewhere in the Commonwealth.

  3. I must agree with Uphillrider and add that most of our actors can't act their way out of a paper bag. A classic example is Tom Cruise, who looks like an anemic ferret, as well. Speaking of which: American standards of beauty stymie me: Look at Uma Thurman and Tori Spelling.

  4. Stephen:

    Please do give it a go, as for the Peace Prize, to be honest, I'm a big Obama fan and I'm all for giving to him as he has made a huge difference to the overall global ambiance...if there is such a thing.


    Go for it duck!


    Good stuff, thanks for the explanation and paradoxically as Hollywood is more conservative and overthinks it makes dumber pictures by this effort at over thinking.


    Nice to have you around, you've not been by these parts for a long time.


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