Friday, 20 November 2009

Poles Apart: Rehearsals Commencing Soon

Well, here we are again, one more weekend at home before popping off to Manchester to rehearse Poles Apart.

I've spent most of this week either re-learning my lines (which has come surprisingly easily I am grateful to say), checking over the statistical details of the show (there is always a know-it-all in the audience), or writing new material.

Mark and I decided that it would be remiss of us to let the election of two British Nazi Party MEPs pass unmentioned in a show that is about immigration, especially as the BNP are so obsessed with immigration and race and fundamentally, upon close inspection, their policies and ideas are actually really quite amusing in a backward, oh my God did they really just say that, kind of way.

Although the downside of this was pouring over BNP policy and press releases to get a decent handle on their bizarre dogma (anyone for chain gangs to restore our coastal defences?) whilst trying to make jokes out of it, when it is already pretty ridiculous and poorly thought out in the first place.

Once written we then had to find a home for them in what is a pretty tight show but I think we've found good homes for the three BNP scenes, which are (not wanting to spoil anything for those coming to watch): a Nick Griffin musical medley, an insight into the night the BNP won two seats in the European Parliamentary Elections and finally, what happens when a Nazi tries to join the BNP.

Blogging will be light obviously over the coming week as I am deep into rehearsals but if you can, please do show your support for Poles Apart and come and see us in Manchester on the 26th November (which is nearly sold out I've been told) and London on the 27th and 28th November (which isn't, not yet anyway).

Do widzenia!


  1. Forget getting convicts to repair coastal defences - I want Norfolk to sink into the sea!

    I am quite enamoured with the idea of getting our prisoners back on the chain gang to repair our roads and to litter pick at the side of motorways. Of course, this will never happen was we are a EU member state and there's this silly little concept of "human rights", which means that prisoners have feelings too and can't be made to do unpleasant stuff as part of their sentence. Prison is meant to be fun, not a horrible place...

    But I've been handling promotional leaflets for the Daily Mail, so excuse my right-wing rambling. You start to the left and gradually move towards the right with age, experience and the weight of the world crushing your spirit.

  2. I'm interested to know how you learn lines? Do you have any tried and tested approaches?

    I think that I would struggle to remember lines AND do anything close to acting at the same time!

  3. Stephen:

    By rote is my method, just repeat, repeat, repeat and learn the cue lines as well. Once learnt that part of the brain takes over and the other bit does the acting.

    PS: are you able to come see the show?

  4. Looks as if a small band of us from rashbre central and improbable may also attend.

  5. I really hope so, that would be grand indeed and make yourself known to us after the gig please!

  6. Is it too late to say good luck? If not, "Good Luck" and I wish I were able to come and see things in person.

  7. Patience Claude, we are not done yet, still busy but will give full report asap!


    It is never too late for god luck wishes!


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