Friday, 18 December 2009

The Ashford Resistance

You may remember that some time ago I was strangely fascinated by the Milton Keynes Communists and lo and behold, Phil BC at A Very Public Sociologist has once again stumbled upon a ridiculously titled blogging gem.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you: The Ashford Resistance!

Now Trashford, as the locals call it (or Trashfordians), is very close to my heart as my parents are based not too far away from that neck of the woods and I've spent a wee bit of time in this horrendous mini-metropolis that is a very odd and soulless part of the county of Kent.

I always used to find it funny that, in the old days whilst people were waiting for the arrival of High-Speed Rail, that Ashford's train station was labelled with the incredibly portentous title of ASHFORD INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY STATION, when in reality it looks like a tin and glass shed and Ashford itself is not very international at all, or very nice for that matter. But I digress...

The idea that Ashford has a resistance, rather like the French Resistance, really tickles me and that these brave band of comrades are scuttling about the the urban nightmare landscape that is Ashford and carrying out acts of intense socialism/sabotage against targets of Trashford Fascism in all of it's concrete and glass horror.


Because Ashford most certainly needs them...


  1. I'm trying to remember what Wolfie Smith's girlfriend was called...

    (Cheryl Hall, Mr Google tells me)

    No prompt needed for her parents: Hilda Braid as the epitome of well meaning stupidity - she misapprehended that Wolfie's nickname was Foxy and took seriously Harry Fenning's claim that his goons were his 'adopted nephews'. Peter Vaughan as father of girlfriend did a wonderful impression of permanent barely controlled rage (directed not unreasonably at Wolfie)...

  2. Power to the people...

    I wonder if they are affiliated with the Turnip Taliban?

  3. White Rabbit:

    Nice facts.


    The last time I mentioned Citizen Smith, some other Darren started shouting at you, we'll see if he returns here...



  4. I followed one of the links from that site, only to discover that I have a BNP member sharing the same postcode as me back home. Not that I know who it is, me being here and what not. Not overly comfortable with that idea.

  5. Didn't they then invent a whole region called Ebbsfleet with its own International station as part of a rejuvenation project? Was that a counter strike by the Ashford Resistance?

  6. Chris:

    You'd be surprised, BNP idiots are in all kinds of places...


    I'll look into it comrade!


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