Monday, 18 January 2010

"All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. All Work and No Pay Makes Jack a Mean Motherfucker"

  1. Don't compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself
  2. Throw out the notion of referencing yourself against others, comparison only leads to self-loathing not self-improvement, this can only come from self
  3. Don't waste time and obscure your own potential by trying to match somebody else's
  4. If you really want to get it done in life then you have to prepare yourself for what becomes of a real moving, living and breathing individual: it is going to hurt but it is worth it
  5. End of lecture


  1. Yo DHG, thanks for posting this. I appreciate your comments on LibCon and other places, and your blog - in a world of shit, it's nice to know there are some good guys. Sometimes I despair for how I seem to be failing at life, so thank you for putting up some advice about how to improve myself.

  2. Goliat:

    I am sensing an air of sarcasm, I could be wrong and if I am apologies for that and of course, sarcasm is cool by me.

  3. DHG: I mean it. Guys like yourself, Tim Ireland, Anton Vowl, Sunny, 5cc, BenSix et al - you're fighting the good fight, and it's a shame this isn't reflected in the political reality of the country. (no sarcasm intended)

    The question is, how do we take the fight from the blogosphere to the wider public. I've thought it over for so long now and bizarrely feel that the Labour Party, once it's out of government, might be the only vehicle large enough for left-wing politics. Time and time again, it seems all roads lead to Labour. i don't know if it can become a proper left-wing force again (it hasn't been since 1945-50, really) but it's got to be worth trying. The trolls and right-wing arses like Guido, Dale, et al have the Tory Party to advance their agenda. We need a machine too - maybe Labour can be rebuilt.

    It seems unlikely, but it's more probable than any other left-of-centre or far-left force making it big in the UK. Or maybe Labour's burnt too many bridges. My 18 year old self would spit in my face if it could hear me trying to justify joining that party who stood by whilst we slaughtered innocent people in the middle east. Members say they disagreed with the leadership but clearly they didn't try hard enough to fight them on it. The ones that stayed were large enough in number to prevent any alternative from gaining a critical mass. Now it looks like there is no alternative.

    A lot of the new pressure groups like 38degrees, Power 2010, 10:10 etc are doing good stuff - but ultimately theyre all aimed at influencing politicians. If only we had politicians we didn't need to try and convince to do the right thing all the time - if only they already agreed with us. I don't know.

    Do you reckon you'll join Labour after the election? I'm thinking about it but I still feel like selling out. What other choice do I have?

  4. was the photoshop progress report on the picture intentional? witty when paired with the content! good work! xox

  5. Goliat:

    Apologies for initial scepticism, as you may or may not know am under a level at siege at the mo from racists so it puts me on the side of suspicious.

    I feel honoured that you put me in such esteemed and far more qualified company than my meagre talents deserve.

    Like you am am not at all sure how to push things forward, as this blog post suggests, I prefer to focus my attentions on what I personally can achieve, the work I can do, whether it be art or the more practical volunteering and whatnot I take part in. To do things on a personal, local level leads to regular but small success because 'I' is the only thing I can actually, constantly, do something about.

    With regards to your question, I am afraid that I am a Liberal Democrat voter, at least I have been at the last General Election and in local elections with any additional votes I may have going to Labour of course.

    They are the party that closely correlate with my beliefs, never as close as I would like but politics is compromise.

    I really appreciate your comments and thoughts here, hope you can stop by often and contribute whenever you fancy.



    All my pictures here are intentional, I promise...although I found that picture already like that in an obscure Google image search and it seemed to fit.

  6. Something to think about!

    As is why the cartoon horse looks oddly scary and why the uniforms are such an alarming shade of green.

  7. 1. I can't compare myself to others because I am peerless. The problem with comparing myself to myself is that I can see all of my faults and foibles and at this stage of my life, with all my plans and hopes and dreams being reduced to rubble, I realise that I am not the clever bastard I once thought I was. In fact, the last two years have taught me that I know very little and that I am naive, and easily manipulated by other people.

    2. See 1. My self-loathing is the foundation on which I start my day. "You're a cunt," I mutted to myself in the mirror. It gets it out the way and means that if anyone else needs to call me that in the proceeding 24-hour period, I've already beaten them to it. Touche!

    3. Never have done, never will do. My mantra is: "I have nothing to prove"

    4. That's the pain I can't deal with. I find it increasingly difficult to engage. I just want to hide. Hide and cry, because I have no answers or plans anymore.

    5. End of reply

  8. Darren:

    Now you've made me feel bad, you are too hard on yourself sir, far too hard and I hold a great deal of affection for you, for what it is worth.

    White Rabbit:

    Food for thought indeed.


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