Wednesday, 13 January 2010


As a last resort, as a last romantic gesture, you can always throw yourself away before they do it for you, I once asked a 14 year old who had the word SKIN tattooed across his forehead what he'd do if he ever lost the faith, he said:
"Cut me 'ead off or maybe grow a fringe."


  1. He Could ,of course, do both? Of Course, such things need to be done in the Right Order........
    [Re:W.R. he seems to have attended to matters.]

  2. Indeed but I like the intensity and single-mindedness of the skinhead.

  3. Just out of interest, any idea who took the picture, where it was taken and by whom. It looks like one that an old mate of mine Han Foo-Qune took as part of a series for the NME in about 1979?

  4. Rog:

    It is taken from a book by Nick Knight called Skinhead and all the photos were taken by him.

  5. cut off his head or grow a fringe...bless his heart, for his sake i hope laser tattoo removal becomes as inexpensive as tattooing! xox

  6. Indeed, or maybe he'll carry the flame forever and never lose faith, who knows, I just thought the idea was so extreme but had a certain romance.


    Which one man, you've got too many bogs?


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