Friday, 5 February 2010

Garry Cook...You Are a Ballbag Sir!

If you don't know, Garry Cook is the CEO of Manchester City, a man who was brought into the club by previous owner and vile criminal/human rights loather/ex-Prime Minister of Thailand: Thaksin Shinawatra. He has stayed on under the current dubious owners (please note the use of United in the companies name, clearly trying to leech some of the power of the one and only Manchester team): The Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment. He was behind the disgraceful sacking of Mark Hughes and the sideways move for his replacement Roberto Mancini.

In summary, the man is a ballbag.

So cast your minds back to the middle of January 2010, the first leg of the semi-final between United and City, thanks to two goals by footballing mercenary Carlos Tevez, the City scum take a slender 2-1 lead into the away leg.

Cue City CEO Garry Cook to run his mouth off thus...

27th January 2010 bought the second leg at Old Trafford, United crushed the collection of cash hungry players known as Manchester City (not a team by a very long shot) 3-1 and deny the scumbags a Wembley appearance...yet again.

I live for such moments.

Editor's Note:

Blogging is light at the moment due to illness and work, will tell all when safe to do so.



  1. Daniel,

    Sorry about leaving that filth up. I only found about about your concerns after logging into SNP Tactical Voting! It's all deleted now.


    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Cheers man, perhaps drop me an email, via my blogger profile so I have yours incase the racist twat tries it again.

  3. Daniel, did you ever hear any of the radio phone-in shows that went on a while back when a number of United fans rang in pretending to be City fans? Hilarious. There was one where the guy managed to say 'massive' or 'massive club' about 40 times in the space of a minute or something. I've googled it but can't find any clips unfortunately.

  4. Interesting blog, hope you feel better soon.

    Dorothy from grammology

  5. Highlander:

    Sounds awesome, I need an MP3 of that bad boy.


    Thanks for stopping by duck!

  6. Will look forward to hearing more obstreperous commentary from across the pond. Get well.

    -- Matthew Mientka

  7. Savannah:

    Cheers love!


    Obstreperous is a fine word sir, a fine word.

  8. Erm... United play in Trafford/Salford not Manchester. Meanwhile City play in Manchester and the majority of its supporters not only come from Manchester, but from the bluddy region.


  9. To quote Jose Mourinho, "We all think we have the most beautiful wife at home" (unless we are John Terry but thats another matter).

  10. Ben:

    Is that the best you've got mate? Trying to make out that City are more Manchester? Pathetic. City were formed in Gorton which is actually further from the centre than Newton Heath but who cares. As for City having fans that aren't so further afield, that's a reflection of mediocrity not a badge of honour.

    Rog T:

    Indeed we do Rog!

  11. I guess that I can't think of a less productive argument than our vile and horrible owners/ceo/etc are slightly less repulsive than your vile and horrible owners/ceo/etc.

    It is ultimately a futile argument because if we supported a team because we liked the owner, we'd all support AFC Wimbledon or Ebbsfleet. Sadly we're lumbered with these twats.

    David Mellor changed his allegance from Fulham FC to Chelsea FC because they were successful. To me this achieved the impossible and made him seem even more repulsive than he was. As any Manchester City supporter is clearly the opposite of Mellor, that can only be good.

    Whilst many United Fans would not perform a Mellorite Switch to City if United crashed for the next 30 years, we really can't be sure can we?

    I wasn't going to raise this but as you were rather mean to Ben, I guess I felt it had to be pointed out :^)

  12. Rog T:

    I agree, it is not an edifying spectacle but that is the joy of football rivalry and as for being mean to Ben he did come here and start it...


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