Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Showreel

An essential part of any actors tool kit is the showreel, a collection of your best bits, greatest hits so to speak, from your acting career (recorded media only of course, theatre by its very nature is there and then it is gone, living on only in the memory of others); so that any prospective employers can get a handle on how good you are without having to meet you.

I've been a bit slow to get one together and have managed very well without one but thanks to some lovely pestering by Eva-Jane, who is a showreel genius (and offers her showreel services at a very reasonable price any actors reading this, drop us a line if you're keen), I now have one.


I think it is awesome and here it is for ya'll to enjoy.


  1. Thanks to both of you and Jez, she was a lovely lady and very nice to work with, I was her persona pick! I felt honoured.

  2. Great fun and packed with laughs. There's pieces like the Strongbow that I need to re-watch now to say - Hey that's Daniel! Good on ya.

  3. I'm on all over the shop, thanks for positive words Rashbre.

  4. That was so cool to watch. LOVED the clips from The Stall, its just my sort of humour.

    Eva-Jane did a fab job!

  5. Indeed she did and thanks so much Beth for your kind words.


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