Friday, 19 February 2010

Some Pictures For The Weekend Sir?

I stumbled upon these, they are a mixed bag of images from Magnum, the international photography co-operative and they are all pretty damn awesome.

Something for the weekend sir?

Have a good one!

Chicago, USA, 1966. Muhammad Ali, boxing world heavyweight champion, showing off his right fist

Harlem, USA, 1963. Fire hydrants are opened in the summer heat

Illinois, USA, 1955. Marilyn Monroe resting

London, UK, 1964. The Beatles during filming of A Hard Day's Night

New York, USA, 1955. James Dean walks in Times Square

North Carolina, USA, 1950. A man takes a drink during the era of segregated water fountains

Omaha Beach, Normandy, 1944. The first wave of American troops lands at dawn

Washington, USA, 1963. Martin Luther King at the climax of his I Have a Dream speech


  1. Love the photos. A thousand words, indeed!


  2. Do you know, I thought to myself: "That 7th one looks suspiciously like the work of Robert Capa." So I went and checked. And it is. Damn, I'm pleased with myself.

  3. Pearl:

    Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it.


    Good spot sir, you're on fire!

  4. My father has a great story about Ali. Says he was walking home in NYC from an acting class with a black girl... Saw a man staring him. Says he gave it right back. "I would have fought anyone at the time." Turned out to be a man named Clay. -- Matthew Mientka

  5. Fab photos. The one of Ali really gets me. I love that man.

  6. Matthew:

    Now that is a great story and you're right, I do love America, can you tell?


    I love the detail on the hand, it looks like it is made of oak.

  7. Just replied sir! on it's way to you as we speak via our fingers.

  8. You've chosen some amazing and iconic photos from Magnum. Also shows how the monochrome can really tell the story.

  9. Indeed, monochromes stripping away of colour gives us greater focus.

  10. Great pictures. Mind you any pictures of Monroe and Ali work for me


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