Friday, 12 February 2010

What I've Been up to of Late Aside From Being Ill...

My recent relative lack of blogging is to be explained by the duel effects of possible PIG AIDS/Man Flu/a cold and a very busy start to 2010 work wise, with January bringing some eleven auditions and February already clocking up three and me working on two shoots in the last two weeks. Pretty awesome stuff and bodes well for the rest of 2010.

First I was off to Barcelona for yet another Italian commercial with the same company that made the IKEA one, which is seemingly going down a storm over there. This time I was with my good friend Martin Collins, as we worked our comedy double-act magic, which was a blast getting to film and work with a good pal and a Notts lad to boot with some serious comedy features...only downside was he gave me whatever vile lurgy he had.

Here is a smattering of images from Spain that capture some of the wonder without giving too much away...the spot is for SKY Italia.

Then, with a hardly a moment to catch me breath, I was off again to one of my favourite countries, Norway and Oslo to do yet another Norwegian commercial after the wicked time I had there when making the Keno (the Norwegian national lottery) spot; which in itself is a fine piece of art.

It really was a dream to be back in Norway and I had a bit of an epiphany in my hotel room, staring into the bathroom mirror and imagining myself many years ago and how this kind of job and amazing adventure would've seemed so far from my grasp and here it is, an everyday truth. What a blessing.

Either that or all the medication I was taking was effecting me.

The Keno ad I made previously was quite a big deal in Norway and I nearly didn't get this job, for Brilleland, because I am a bit of a known face amongst Norway's 4.7 million residents but thankfully, the gave the best man the job and I was back. I got recognised quite a bit when I went walk about in Oslo, which was odd and as I took in the freezing air and sights of Oslo it struck me just how weird a job I have.

The shoot itself was great fun and I reckon the opening sequence will be perfect for my showreel as I fall over a huge array of items before pulling myself together and...sit on some drumsticks.

Anyway, here are a few images from my time there and hopefully, in another two years, I'll get to go back again!

Normal blogging service is resumed!


  1. Some people have all the fun...

    They pay you for this stuff? I think I need a career change ;)

  2. Good to hear you're feeling better Daniel, ye jammy b*gg*r! Gie's a job. I could do that. (albeit badly)

  3. I'm sure you could but without sounding too sensitive there is some skill involved in acting...what the heck...loads of skill and I've got bags of it.


  4. I did do Abanazar the wicked Egyptian magician in Aladin at the local community centre.

    I was so realistic I scared some small children.

    *evil cackle*

    Will that do?


    When do I start?

  5. Not wishing to play down your peerless acting skills and powerful screen presence, obviously, but how come they fly in actors from other countries to do these things, rather than just using local talent? Just curious.

    Changing the subject, have you got any recommendations on beating the pig aids/man flu bug? I'm still suffering and it's not much fun.

  6. Jez:

    The short answer is, British actors are funny and experienced and there is a large pool of them. That's basically why. As for PIG AIDS: rest, rest and more rest oh and Lemsips.

  7. Good on you! Link to the new adverts when they come out. x

  8. Of course I will duck, the one in Norway will be a cracker I can tell, in the Italian one I am more the straight guy and the 'hero' so to speak, which is odd for me but cool.

  9. All sounding rather excellent. Looking forward to seeing the links.

    Lykke til! - as they say in Norway.

  10. What are you using for your fancy 1970's bad-colour-poor-contrast style square photos?

    Very cool!

  11. Rashbre:

    Cheers sir!


    It was an app on my pals iphone who took those pics, I think it looks real cool.


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