Friday, 19 March 2010

My Last Five Girlfriends: Some Thoughts

A quick post as just got back from the West Country after yet another final show of Poles Apart (although I really do think that this is it) and got to rush off to a costume fitting in the West End for a new VW advert...


The premiere thing for My Last Five Girlfriends at the ICA was fantastic, I saw the film for the first time and it was awesome, a re-invention of the rom-com format with more ideas per frame than most movies can muster in 90 minutes; the film exists firmly within the real and natural but with amazing elements of kaleidoscopic imagination and with many, many hilarious moments (the talking elephant that levitates is a winner). I am proud to be in it.

I am most definitely in it and I cannot believe that I am in a Paramount Films feature film that is coming out  across a hundred cinemas in the UK, it is a dream come true for me, hopefully a step in the right direction for my career, definitely a step up and as I watched myself on the big screen it had the feeling of the slightly unreal. There I am. In a movie.

It was a weird night, getting a round of applause in the cinema from the audience, leaving the auditorium and having to sign autographs...bizarre indeed, going to the after screening party.

As Eva-Jane and I walked back to get the tube I did wonder if this is the last time as well as the first I'll be in a feature or whether this is the very beginning, I hope it's the latter but even if it is the former; I will hold onto that moment forever.

So, it may be a Paramount Film but it is a low budget affair and needs all the support it can get, especially over the first weekend so get to see it, if you can and show your support for excellent British film making.


UPDATE: you can find where it is playing in a cinema near you, right here, so go check it out!


  1. Cheers, sugar! here's to a grand weekend box office! xoxoxo

  2. Great news. I hope it's the beginning of an amazing film career.

    Remind me to get a few autographed photos one day - could be worth something on Ebay!

  3. Brilliant and Congratulations! Try to bag one of the movie posters!

  4. I decided I would have to also have to advertise -oops I mean blog - this over at my place.

  5. If I were there I would go tonight (or tomorrow). But I'm here. Will it be coming here? Will I have to ask for your autograph some day?

  6. Savannah:

    Here's hoping!


    So do I sir, small beginnings but a break through nevertheless and all blog comrades can have all the autographs they want!


    Sound advice and thank you so much for your plug.


    Not sure if it's coming to EU but when it comes out on DVD I'll get you one. And as I said to Stephen, blog comrades always have my ear, esp. you Ellie!

  7. Unfortunately, the chances of me getting anywhere near a participating UK cinema before early June are remote to virtually non-existent, so I may have to pass this one up. Should it appear in Bahrain in the next few weeks, I'll be right there. Suffice to say though, that my very best wishes go towards it being a roaring success and that it paves the road to success for you.

  8. No worries Chris, I appreciate your efforts though and your kind words. Thanks a lot.

  9. Woohoo! I just might be in the UK in the next month. If so, I have a trip to the cinema planned. xx

  10. Ellie:

    You're too kind but not sure if it'll still be on by then, I hope so but who knows...

  11. Well done dan so exciting and bet Eva must be well proud have not seen but will do I am sure it will be the begining !!!
    see you soon x

  12. Cheers CJ! I'm coming out for your do I think, when you turn 21 again, be nice to see you again although I might have to keep the vodka away from you this time!

  13. Shame I know I was real bad that night I am a part-time classy chick and that was my night off yes see for bday Ariesss rule !...the head x

  14. Nice one! Weldone mate! This sounds super great! Go you!


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