Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I Bought Eva-Jane a Garden

Life is very, very good at the moment.

For Eva-Jane's recent birthday I bought her a new garden, or more accurately, paid for some landscape gardeners to work their magic on our foul-smelling swamp of an outdoor space; that was infested with various nefarious creatures, waist-high weeds and a mish-mash of nasty plants being slowly destroyed by ever present bastard-ivy.

They worked wonders and we now have a very swish looking modern garden, nice and simple but very contemporary for our limited gardening skills, or in my case, a serious loathing of working in the bloody garden.

Having said that, I have spent every waking hour, when not busy with acting and auditions, building fucking garden furniture and sheds and have the war wounds to prove it.

But it is worth it, as we now have a beautiful garden to compliment our wonderful home.

Good stuff.

Add to this the continued work as Kirky for the BBC (meeting Alicia Keys and Jools Holland), as well as the prospect of recent work being (at last!) seen on the Tele and a cracking audition for a great new play (that I really hope I've got), life couldn't be much sweeter.

All I need now is for England to win the World Cup and next door's dogs to stop trying to break through our brand new fence panels (I have invested in a special device to ward off dogs, foxes, cats and squirrels that emits a distressing noise to the aforementioned beasts. My only question is, how come I can bloody hear it?) and life will be perfect.


  1. I've recently discovered that I love working in the garden - growing loads of my own veg now! Distressingly, this means I have turned into my dad. Also, I'm on the radio tonight. If you get this comment in time, go to www.chorltonartsradio.com for 10pm (and follow the links to listen) to hear a mighty fine play performed by yours truly.

  2. I share your loathing for garden work. On the other hand, I live in Texas, which is a lot like gardening in an oven, whereas you live in England, which is not. I hope it will be a food garden, so that all that work pays off in your stomach, at least.

  3. What does swish mean? I never heard that term before, used like that. Is it something like marvy?

    I like the new Ken Loach film.

  4. Jez:

    Sorry mate I missed it, which I know makes me a jerk but I had work to do, is it available on download?


    Food garden is too much work, it is a grass and decking and slate garden with some fence in it and tree stumps. I'm not pitching it well...


    Swish means fancy and posh and nice. I'm going to check that movie out asap.

  5. Whilst I certainly enjoy a nice garden, being so distant from anything approaching the real thing, means it necessarily has to be low maintenance. That said my garden has had the same treatment as yours to get it up and running, and it is surprisingly easy to keep on top of - being only 9m x 4.5m also helps in that regard. I'll be back there in a week's time so it will be interesting to see how it's doing, especially the pond which has just been given a really good clean out - we still have some fish apparently.

    Back to your garden though, do you have any pictures to show it off to us?

  6. Chris, I've had other requests for images of the said garden but not sure it's wonder travels well via digital imagery of my camera phone.

    I'll see.


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