Friday, 7 May 2010

The Official Blurred Clarity Post-Election Analysis

I'm depressed.

At least the BNP won fuck all, the racist scumbags and if Nick Clegg does a deal with the D-Cam devil, the Liberal Democrats will be dead to me forever.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Don't blame yourself. Even I was convinced that Clegg was on the level after all the TV debates. But I still couldn't force myself to vote Lib-Dem. My conscience is clear. I still don't want any pact with any party. Another election is required.

  2. "if Nick Clegg does a deal with the D-Cam devil, the Liberal Democrats will be dead to me forever".

    I'm glad you said that. Most people who put their trust in the LibDems would be severely fucked off if that happened. And given that most analysts believe the next elections should take place within 12 months or so that would signal the death toll for the Liberal Democrats.

    We did not give them our vote to make ANY deal with the Tories.

  3. Daniel, can we help it, though? And what of Brown? Is he a total goner?

  4. Perversely I thought you might have been pleased as your man holds the key to whoever gets in. He can make all sorts of unreasonable demands surely?

    For my own defence, I can put hand on heart and honestly say I didn't vote for any of them. So no need for me to feel betrayed/let down/euphoric/insert as applicable.

  5. I Bet Everyone At The Guardian Feels Very Silly Now.+(a)i cant see many grassroots Libs buying it (b) Libs might not take The Whip too well.
    All In all,
    Mandy Will Be quite Pleased.Millibandites Of The World Unite!

  6. i have learned more about y'alls system (and yes, i am slightly embarrassed to admit that) during this past election season than ever before. i am grateful for the education. now, i have to ask, if some sort of coalition isn't formed, will the queen decide? since brown hasn't stepped down (which it seems he really isn't required to do according to y'all's "unwritten constitution") can he, if i understand correctly, form some sort of coalition with the liberal dems? or has clegg shut that possibility down? AND, do y'all feel that having the first televised debate swayed voters? xoxoxoxo

  7. As a party the Liberal Democrats are bankrupt of any ideology. What you are witnessing is what beats at the heart of that particular party - a complete lust for power. Now I can fully understand (and endorse) why some voted tactically, but the whole point of doing that would be to prevent the Conservatives gaining seats and getting power. However, the converse has happened. So the plan was flawed? Despite the Lib-Dems actually sharing more political ground with the Labour party, they appear more than willing to shack up with the Conservatives in pursuit of that lust.

    The only thing that has been proven in this election is that a return to two party politics is needed and a third party that will flip-flop with the wind does nothing but derail our democratic process. And if you think that proportional representation is the answer, it is a system that will only serve the Lib-Dems.

    Imagine a world without the Lib-Dems - the Conservative party would have probably secured a decent majority in a fair manner and none of this nonsense would have happened.

    (And don't think I want them to form a coalition with the Labour Party - I don't. I think coalition governments are unstable and not suited to our political system)

  8. Daniel,

    As you know, I vote SNP. I am pretty hacked off too.

    Do you think they can arrive at a pact? I'm not sure I do.

  9. I'll prefer to believe that there's been some clever negotiation tactics at play over the last few days.

  10. The more time has gone on, the more I realise that this is not democracy in action. The vote says that Cameron should be in Number 10 and so he should be - and then he should have to defend his position with another election afer, say, 18 months. Suddenly, we are giving Lib Dem voters a say in how our democratic process works when they came last in a three-horse race. And by all accounts, Cameron has been quite accommodating to their demands. Democracy? Democrazy, more like!

  11. And look now... Vote Nick, Get Dave! Who'd 'ave thought it, eh?

  12. I have been totally off the blogging scene since Thursday. Alot can happen in that time. Trying to catch up with your blog bud. Must say your new photo and header is wicked. Great photo. Blog looks grand. I think I may be due for a photo change myself soon.
    All I can say is "Goodbye Brown!" :-)
    Hope your okay anyways mate. Blog is really interesting. Gutted I missed out on them on the post days. Looks like you had some real discussion going on.
    I have had to do a maseph catch up on my own blog and back post the lot. Finally got it done though! Pheww!
    Anyhoo listen to me blabbing on. Have a good day bud!

  13. Hey what happened to you? How do you feel after Nick "we're the only alternative to the Tories" jumped in bed with the Tories? I am so peed off. I feel conned.


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