Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Brechtian Experiments in Photo Rejeu

Although I have cut down on the amount of teaching I do, due to the success of my acting career, I still have a regular commitment that not only am I very fond of but also excites me and keeps my mind keen to the skills, techniques and nuances of acting.

Aside from that, it also blesses me with some great friends.

This class occurs at the Actors Centre every Saturday morning and this term we are focusing on the techniques and methods of Bertolt Brecht. We have already done some great work and as difficult as it is to re-set the minds of those that are used to a far different form of acting, with far different aims and outcomes, we have made some good discoveries together.

An exercise I always enjoy is where I provide the class with dynamic and powerful political images and they have to bring them back to life, to copy exactly but to also capture the spirit. This is the meaning of rejeu.

For once I have some evidence of our work together, first up we have the original:

And what follows is the rejeu, with the director of the image, Hayley, out of shot:

This week, we embark on the rejeu of walks and the definition we require, in Brechtian terms, of the body and its owner...


  1. That's really interesting.

    I saw a few weeks ago, a junior college production of Mother Courage. They did a good job. They use experienced actors for the main parts.

  2. Indeed, it has been a most brilliant term, following on from a cracker working on Hamlet. Good stuff all round and with Brecht you always get a healthy dose of Marxism thrown in to the pot.


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