Monday, 28 June 2010

Germany 4 England 1

Oh dear.

What a strange match that was, I haven't the heart for in depth analysis, thank goodness I am half German so one side of my family roots can match on, the English side is utterly de-moralised.

England were crushed.

We actually didn't play that badly as far as I was concerned, a bit leaden at times but not awful. What killed us was the goal that was disallowed, that would've given the game a different air. Perhaps we'd still have got destroyed but by a smaller margin, which would've been some consolation I suppose. Fundamentally, we were done by two simple counter attacking goals and we had a real goal ruled out, the match could've gone so differently.

Having said that, if we had got through, serious problems would've gone un-explored.

From the short tournament, veteran goalie James came out with honour, as did the awesome Ashley Cole. We always knew our centre-halves lacked pace but they don't lack heart. Johnson at right-back still needs work but he does look good when he presses on.

Barry is a keeper but I'd prefer Hargreaves, perhaps both as many top teams have, Lampard did nothing all World Cup, little surprise it was his goal that was ruled out. Gerrard was out of position and thus half the player he can be but Milner is a top player, he can do much wherever he plays.

I suppose the killer blow was just how bad Rooney was. He was shocking, if he had been any other player he would've been subbed and dropped but Capello and the rest of us, prayed, hoped that he would find that spark...that something.

It never came and England go home.


  1. Being Half Polish ,all i can say is "Go Team-Podowski" !

  2. I knew we were finished before we started because the psychic octopus told me...

    But yeah, we were outgunned, Rooney should be taken out and shot (if he were a racehorse, that is) and our defence had more holes in it than a tramp's vest. I loved James in goal, who seemed to be shouting the same expletives at his team-mates that I were at the screen. I love lip-reading, me.

    As for the disallowed goal, I don't know if it would have made much difference. It is easy to blame the collapse of a underwhelming team on one incident.

    Argentina to go all the way!

  3. I think of you, when I see the South Africa partying shots on TV.

    Things can be said about the cost of hosting the World Cup, and how people can't afford the ticket prices, but still....

  4. Terry and Rooney both had bad games.

    I wasn't so impressed by Cole either.

  5. Tony:

    At last the German team is multi-racial, with Poles and Turks littered through-out.


    I'm supporting Ghana for now, until they get knocked out and I agree with thoughts on James, he was a star and shouted some fine abuse.


    Indeed, the only good thing to come out of the World Cup in South Africa will be the knock on effect to happiness in the country but that will soon fade.




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