Thursday, 24 June 2010

Kirky, the HD Hunter! Part 2: Being Human

This is what I made at the BBC part ruddy bloody two!

Things are going well for Kirky now, I am hoping that something will come of him, meetings are being set up and things are coming into place.

Here is a bit of background...
New Basford resident (and incapacity benefit claimant) Kirky has secured a job at the BBC, interviewing very important people who work behind the scenes at various top BBC shows, investigating the impact of High Definition upon their jobs. Kirky works in partnership with his housemate Dave, who operates the camera. Dave is on disability allowance, as he only has one arm after losing the other in the Falklands. Dave likes to collect shells. Both Kirky and Dave are big fans of television and also sound equipment, personal highlights are when the Free City of Danzig got television and the fact that the threshold of pain for sound in humans is 134db. Stun grenades operate at around 180db. 


  1. Being Human is a fine TV series...just wanted to say that...

  2. I saw this before Glastonbury tonight on the ol' HD and it make me chuckle.

  3. Being Human is a very entertaining series and I thought they managed to take it a lot further in the second series. I'm looking forward to series 3.

    Unfortunately, the videos which I assume you have posted are not showing, so I will have to wait on edge of chair for the new ones to re-appear.

    Looking forward to Parts 2 and 3.

  4. Never seen Being Human to be truthful but it seems to be a very popular show.

  5. These clips are so funny - it actually makes me extremely proud to know you, even if it is just via the blogiverse.

    It always makes me happy when genuinely talented hard-working people get to show their talent and you sir are one of those people!


  6. Beth, that's real kind of you and I appreciate it a great deal, thanks so much duck.



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