Friday, 23 July 2010

Disfigured Conservative Election Posters

This post does exactly what is says on the tin.

Have a good weekend ya'll.

PS: my favourite is the one with George Osborne having a massive cock hanging off of his head, matched with a Hitler tache. Textbook.


  1. Well the LibCon Alliance (cue the "Imperial March" theme from Star Wars) are saying that they are planning to quash the tobacco display law that's coming in, which means that in the future you'll have to sidle up to your newsagent and ask for a packet of 20, as they won't be on visible display. Then we'll wrap them in a copy of Big Jugs or the Conservative Party Manifesto, whichever you feel less embarrassed by.

    I agree with this repeal, because not only does it treat the public as children, but if hiding fags will save lives then surely we need to start hiding alcohol and fatty foods and chocolate too to protect the common folk from themselves?

    But seeing as I agree with them, I guess this makes me a Conservative now? God help us all...

  2. Tony:

    Indeed it is mate.

    Rog T:

    Nice to have you by here sir.


    Have you been on the gin?


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