Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I Saw This and Thought of You, Part 425

When will the Christian bigots realise that their silly Jesus has more pressing concerns then whether someone is gay or not.

The poor sod is fighting for his very life


  1. yanno?

    BUT, HERE'S THE IMPORTANT NEWS: we saw you on tv last night!!! yep, the yahoo commercial aired here in the states. xoxoxox

  2. Tone it down. Jesus is not silly. Jesus preached on tolerance and love for his fellow man and turning the other cheek, etc. We could all learn a lot from Jesus. In fact, religion itself isn't such a bad thing, it is when it gets distorted out of all recognition and used to preach hate that I have the issue. Attack the idiots, not the deity because Jesus would never attack you - he's not that kind of guy.

  3. Jesus didn't mention anything about homosexuality, so why do these "loving Christians" think he had an opinion it?

  4. Darren:

    Sorry Darren, a man who pretended he was the son of God and thought he had magical powers is not deserving of my respect. And Jesus held some pretty odd views himself, he is not a figure of kindness and light, he is an ancient figure with ancient and dubious values who believed in the Old testament, full, at is is, with all that dire violence and cruelty.

    Jesus is fair game.


    because Jesus believed in the Bible, or rather the OT version and all the cruel rules that contains. He was a chip off of the old block in that respect.

  5. Sorry Savannah, missed your comment, glad you've seen it, I'm still waiting to see the 60 second cut, that's even more fun!

  6. I Believe Jesus Is A Metaphor.Although,For What,Christ Alone Knows..........[scratches head]

  7. Tony, I prefer to think of him as a terrible excuse for acts of terror.

  8. Jesus was probably the result of some written fiction based on an Egyptian fable.

    Though that is often ignored by the Church as it doesn't quite fit in with their "facts"


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