Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Postman Recognises Me Off The Tele

I've had dabbles with fame before, in varying scales, such as after a show and the audience wanting to chat or have photos taken, to the premiere of "My Last Five Girlfriends" and signing autographs and then being stopped in the street (or worse, just stared at with whispering) by people who recognise me off the TV from commercials or whatever.

It's stepped up a level now as my trusty Postman has figured out who I am.

It seems that Kirky doing the rounds on the BBC and my new advert for VW that has just come out (and that I will post up when I either find it, or can be arsed to upload my copy to the Interwebs), have launched me to new heights of fame and thus, my Postman asked for an autograph.

At the time I was signing for a parcel, recorded delivery and all that, seems this squiggle was good enough, although I was more than willing to give him a more accurate autograph if he requires one.

However, I'm not very good at autographs. I never know what to put and end up either being obtuse or rambling and far too personal. I also have not perfected my autograph signature and have confused many a hunter as they compare signatures that are all different.

Fame is a funny thing, even the mild fame I am experiencing, it is a by product of my job of course but it's an odd experience to be stared at; to wonder if the staring is caused by my pink shorts, or unruly mop of hair, or because they saw me at the cinema. And then there's the texts and emails you get from mates you've not spoken to in a bit, who are jolted into contact by seeing you on the screen. That is one of the upsides.

I do wonder if I will ever ascend to even higher levels of fame, not that I care but the thought of it is both exciting, in that it will mean I am having greater success and terrifying, who wants to be a role model and having your behaviour, words and thoughts analysed and taken-apart?

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, for now, I'm just grateful my Postman recognises me off of the tele.


  1. At Least Your Recognised For Who You Are.Because I look Like Johnny Depp ,I am only recognised for who i resemble.[Mind You, I Must Stop Dressing Up Like A Pirate.........]

  2. y'all are too funny, sugar! i'm just glad i'll be able to say i knew him when... xoxoxoxo

  3. Seeing you on TV, mid-way through the cricket highlights, was faintly surreal. Still not buying the car, though.

  4. Damn you Ben, my selling powers need to be honed further!

  5. The VW Gold AD hit me last night during ITV's Homes from Hell. In the past, I used to watch Homes from Hell in order to learn how to spot pitfalls when buying property. Nowadays, I watch Homes from Hell to watch the misery unfold and think to myself: "Well at least our lives aren't as bad as theirs" and it acts as a tonic.

    So then you crop up selling VW Golf cars in the middle of it. The car that hit our shop was a VW Golf...why does life mock me like this!?!??!

    But yeah, well done, I know what it is like to be famous. The other day we were playing in the village park with Verity and a guy with his daughter was there too. "You must be him," he said sidling up to me, "I'm Darren Lock too. I remember you from the accident - we share names - my mother thought it was me whent he shop was on the telly and asked me when did I buy a shop. How we laughed when we found out it was a different Darren Lock - you..."

    I can tell you, I felt really, really fucking uncomfortable...

  6. Oh Darren, you make me laugh mate, that is an awful story, best bit is his mum thinking he'd bought a shop.

    Apologies it was a VW that did for you, I'd forgotten, feel bad, I'm a bastard.

  7. I was just making a joke of it. It's surprising to see you EVERYWHERE. Of course, I turn to The Missus with schoolboy pride and nudge her: "That's my mate of t'internet..."

    Unfortunately, my story is true. It happened. This is one of the reasons I want to quit this place so badly. Because I am "the guy who's shop got crashed into". I don't want to be known for that, I'd rather be a prostitute murderer or kitten stuffer. I don't really want to be known for anything.

    Mind you, we have another customer who tells us with great joy whenever he sees us the date of the crash, the time of the crash, how awful it all must have been and then asks us how we are coping with it.

    "Fine," I reply - and in my head I say: "I'd forgotten it all until you fucker mentioned it all again..."

    Got to dash, The Missus is calling me in because there's an advert on BBC HD with you in it (I kid you not).

  8. I am now starting to get recognised by more than just my Postman, the joys of temporary fame...

  9. I was sitting at my aunt's house just the other day, and suddenly, there you were "singing" and, at one point, riding a mechanical bull (or something similar). I dont remember what the commercial was for, but I said "I know that guy", which then led to a long converstaion about the internet in which no one was terribly satisfied.

    Old people, whatchagonnado?

  10. Hi Dave, nice to see you drop by, it is Yahoo!, the advert itself and my blog on it is right here.


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