Monday, 19 July 2010

Our Style is Legendary: Reading Tonight

I'm quite excited and just a wee bit nervous, because tonight I have gathered a fine collection of actors, an excellent director and a very fine writer to do a reading of the latest draft of my play: Our Style is Legendary.

The reading is for me as the author to hear how it stands, I have done extensive re-writes of late and staring at the PDF can only teach you so much about the ebb and flow of the text, so I needed to hear it before I can construct the final draft and by that I mean the rehearsal copy; the one I will be sending out to agents and whatnot.

The play will go through further changes once in the hands of gifted actors during a rehearsal process.

I have asked all involved to be harsh with their feedback and the play's mentor, Ken Christiansen, has pitted a question for the readers that he wants answered. I hope that by the time we wrap up, come 10pm tonight (although a swift half may follow), I have plenty to work on this week that will push the play from the realms of the very good, into the exceptional.

I trust the folks I've invited to be forthright, intelligent and honest in their assessment.

Then, my aim is to take all the feedback on board and generate the final draft by this Friday.

My next play is already brewing now that this albatross around my neck is starting to lift. More on that later...


  1. Good luck - enjoy that "half" after the main event

  2. The most interesting part of that post is the artistic method.

    How the play sounds to the ear, is more important than how it reads. Same process in learning a new language.

  3. Here's hoping for a Legendary reading. And as a good omen, the VW advert was played on prime time ITV on Monday evening!

  4. Went very well indeed, seems my play is in good shape and a few tweaks and we're cooking on some essential theatre gas.

    Big thanks to those that helped me last night, couldn't do it without you!


  5. I kind-of recognise them. Are they from Frankies?

  6. Holy Feck, that's McGeaver? (maybe not spelled correctly) on the right, don't remember the name of the other kid or the girl, but I know their faces.
    Blast from the past.

  7. Rich:

    You got it, Rob McGeaver (sic) of Newstead with that youth he used to hang about with. The play is about my time at Wheldon and my life at that point mate.

    I started looking a few people up and found some disturbing pics there.

    Blast from the past indeed, those days Rich were heavy days weren't they?

    You were Wollaton weren't you? I was Welbeck. You were orange and I was gold.


  8. I ran into Rob, Beardsmore and a couple of the others of their gang (I use gang in the loosest sense) in Notts town centre one New Year (around 2000 I think). Very strange to see them again.

    I found a whole load of old FW people on Facebook but didn't bother 'friending' them. I'm of the opinion that if I'm not still in touch with them now then there's probably a reason for that. Not that I don't like them or anything nasty - you just grow apart, your life takes you elsewhere and you lose touch. Beyond a certain amount of time you probably don't really have that much in common anymore.
    Eg. I got an email from Carol Slater a couple of years ago (she'd found me through my abandoned Friends Reunited page) It was nice to hear from her, but all we did was exchange a few reminiscences of the old days and that was it. All we had in common was the past.

    I'm only still in touch with about 5 people from Wheldon - of which you are one. Esteemed company Sir!

  9. Agreed Rich, I don't do facebook, that is a reason why.

  10. Indeed he is, whose the bird in the middle though Phil?


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