Monday, 12 July 2010


I kid you not, a device had been invented to enable women to piddle stood up and thus, defeat the phallocentric hegemonic oppression of visiting the latrines. HOORAH!!! UP THE WOMEN!!!

It is called the She-Pee or She-Wee or a whole host of other urine based catchy titles, that mix terms for piss and the word she, or fem, or lady. Cool.

Eva-Jane and I were at first a little confused as to how it would work, basically, it's a piss funnel that replicates a penis. You can purchase one to keep, which strikes me as a little unsanitary, or buy a whole host of disposable ones.

If you're not clear how to use it, there is a handy guide below.

The things people come up with.

Utter genius.


  1. also Ideal For Music Festivals, where it can also double as a Bong ~Extension.

  2. It also doubles as an ice-cream scoop, a vuvuzela and an frost scraper for your car on cold winter mornings.

    I hate to piss on your cornflakes, but this product has been around for a long, long time - I think a version of it even appeared on BBC's Dragon's Den - no, don't tell me, you've already recorded a HD promo for it! ;-)

  3. There is no piss on my cornflakes, I know it is not new but it is new to me, hence I blog about it.

    We need latrine equality.

  4. Bloody hell!!!!!

    Is that what those vuvuzelas are for?

  5. I wouldn't fancy blowing one of them when full of wee...

  6. lol great post :)

    but have you seen the Shit Box? Not so convenient to carry when running but certainly would be novel conversation starter ........


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