Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What I Made When I Went to the Czech Republic

Back at the start of May I got a huge commercial job which I shot in Prague with a fantastic crew and the greatest commercial director of all time, Bryan Buckley. It was for Yahoo! And I never know, with regards to grammar, whether when I type Yahoo! at the end of a sentence I have to put a full stop after the exclamation mark...

Well, the results have just come out in the US and with a probable release in the UK real soon and perhaps even the world, it's going to be a great bit of exposure for me skillz.

Here are some pictures from the shoot, which was phenomenal; glassing people and leaping off bulls and fighting and rocking out with a Japanese band, what more could you ask for...

And here is the 30 second cut, although I'm hoping to get the 60 second version as well and when I do, it'll be up here in all it's glory.


  1. Seriously awesome mate! Wicked stuff!
    Congratualtions and all!

  2. well done, sugar! congratulations! i'll let you know as soon as we see it here! xoxoxo

    (it always cracks me up when i see pics of the crew - they look the same all over the world!)

  3. Were the dogs bored too? Was the little one ferocious and the big one docile?

    Absolutely so very cool!

  4. Actually Ellie, the wee dog was so scared and shakey and took me a long time to calm him down, while in the end we couldn't use the big one as he was so mental.

  5. Brilliant. It looks like a hoot to make it too.

  6. What a lovely singing voice you have ;)

    Bet you're glad you didn't have to do the part of the pianist with the arms on fire.

    Well done, as ever.

  7. I just saw your VW advert - Pete was not too impressed that I was shouting for him to come and see it

  8. Rashbre:

    It was yes, long days but good fun.


    We did quite a few takes with different levels of flame on the poor bastard.


    Ah yes, my other ad, it should be on loads and cinema so Pete will get another chance...

  9. Excellent commercial, I love it!! Good job!


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